cabling schools

cabling_schoolsWe’ve been cabling schools for ages!  At Telephone Systems Direct we have helped education by ensuring that the cabling of schools is installed as cheaply as possible and providing spare capacity in the backbone cabling, so that when the schools’ IT manager wants an extra extension we can implement it easily without having to cordon off areas frequented by students, or wait until holidays.  OK when there is a need for structured cabling schools have to be flexible with us – we do try to do the bulk of the work out of school time – but there is always some that has to be done in normal hours. 

The telephony systems that do benefit schools are the award winning OfficeServ7000 series.  The features and facilities lend themselves, with our expertise, to provide alarms in critical situations, provides voicemail for teachers as well as a host of ways of dealing with parents and other callers to connect them to the right staff quickly and efficiently.

That’s 0800 652 8052 for cabling schools.  cabling_schools.pdf

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