cabling systems

There are cabling systems and cabling systems.  Which do you want?  Structured cabling systems provide you a huge amount of flexibility and self management.  They do cost a bit more than a proprietary cabling systems but they will last you for years.

cabling_systemsYesterday telephony cabling systems utilised CW1308 with multi cores of 2, 4, 6, 20, 25, 50, 100 – essentially whatever you required.  There was jelly filled cable to keep the water out, armoured to stop rabbits eating them……  On the data side the cabling systems tended to be coax with BNC connectors forming Ethernet Token Rings or Spider Networks.  cabling_systems.pdf

With CAT5 these industries came together with the cabling systems that didn’t mind what was connected to them.  The RJ45 outlets linked PCs and telephones initially used ModTaps (baluns) to convert their phone plugs.  Patch cables meant you could move your staff about without the need to call in both a telecoms and computer nerd!  CAT6 has upped the speed from CAT5e’s 100Mbs to 1Gbs speeding up the world of communications.

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