cabling wiring

cabling_wiringTelephony cabling – wiring is an art – well that’s what our engineers tell us!  The places they have to get into when performing cabling and wiring is sometimes too much information!

CW1308 cabling / wiring is what most of us have seen in the UK.  It’s strung along every street and flies overhead from telephone poles to brackets mounted on our houses.

CAT5 – CAT5e – CAT6 cabling – that’s wiring with 4 pair twisted-cable – some times screened – mostly unscreened in lengths up to one hundred metres – linking up each desk to the comms room where the data switches, routers and hubs distribute our internet and emails.  They also carry our phone signals to keyphones on our desks allowing us to speak to anywhere in the World at the touch of a button. cabling_wiring.pdf

The PTTs have a far harder time with cabling wiring – their cable drums are huge and the cabling needs brute force to lay underground.  They prefer microwave links – although in these cases need a greater head for heights!

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