call center headset

call_center_headsetThe call center headset needs to be noise cancelling unless a great deal of money has been spent on the room’s acoustics.

A call center headset will usually be wired and plug into the headset port of a PABX phone giving sophisticated call center facilities.  However, there might be occasions where the call center agent or supervisor does need to wander about – in these circumstances a DECT or Bluetooth style call center headset is very useful.  call_center_headset.pdf

call_center_headset_cs60By calling TelephoneSystemsDirect on 0800 652 8052 we’ll be able to advise you what are the best-selling call center headset models right now.  We’ll quote you a price for multiple headsets or just for one.  Our prices for phones, systems as well as telephony accessories are always keen – we do rely on selling with small margins and low overheads so we can pass on savings to you.

Calls are free to Telephone Systems Direct for your call center headset.

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