call forwarding

There are a variety of ways call forwarding can be implemented on Samsung’s DCS, iDCS and OfficeServ telephone systems.    call_forwarding.pdf

call forwarding BUSY:  when you’re engaged in a conversation your extension can be programmed to call forward to your secretary, a colleague, or even your mail box.

call forwarding NO ANSWER:  in this scenario your calls can be delivered as in the previous example, or you could have them sent to your DECT handset.

call forwarding BUSY-or-NO-ANSWER:  here the two constituent parts have to be identical otherwise confusion arises.

call forwarding EXTERNAL:  this alternative is for when you’re out of the office, so perhaps it’s to your home phone number.

call forwarding ALL: you’ll probably need this mode when you’re on holiday.

call_forwardingTo set up any of these call forwarding modes refer to your user guide, speak to your administrator, or make use of EasySet.

0800 652 8052 connects you to TelephoneSystemsDirect if you require assistance or to order a training session on call forwarding.

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