call screening

The feature “call screening†is where a call is answered by (perhaps) a secretary, before being put through to her (or his) boss.  This is a screened call.

When the call screening is taking place on a DCS, iDCS or OfficeServ telephone system there are two ways the call can be delivered –ANNOUNCED-TRANSFER or UNNANNOUNCED-TRANSFER.  Clearly in the first instance the caller is transferred after the boss’s phone extension has been rung, they’ve listened and been informed who the call is from.  The PA will then simply replaces the handset.  For the second style of transferring the answerer dials the number then presses the TRSF key and hangs up.

For call screening you can also utilise the data seen in the LCD display of ringing phones.  These show the caller’s calling line identity (CLI) as well as the dialled-number (DDI).  Appropriate action can be taken by a receptionist with this information, answering the call differently if it’s their most important client.

call_screeningFor call screening advice or call screening training you can call TelephoneSystemsDirect on 0800 652 8052.   call_screening.pdf

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