call sip

call_sipTo call sip you’ll need a number of items first:  ADSL to link you into the public network;  a call sip interface to connect your sip device or sip telephone system to the sip trunk; a sip provider.

BT, Cable and Wireless, Gamma Telecom are in the early-to-the-market call sip packages.  At the time of writing there are not many call sip services on offer to the general-public, unless you’re in the area being used as a field trial (i.e. you’ll be on the “bleeding edge†and your experience of call sip sessions may not live up to expectations.

For businesses the call sip conversations might be crucial to success so please be patient and wait until a sip call can have guaranteed quality.  This means all elements of the networks have to have the QOS feature – that prioritises voice packets over common or garden internet web pages or videos.

0800 652 8052 connects you to TelephoneSystemsDirect whose advisors can tell you about voip – sip call phone systems and how you can make them now.

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