caller id telephone

caller_ID_telephoneA Caller ID telephone is a terminal that displays caller identity in one form or another. Caller ID is short for Caller Identification and allows you to see which caller is calling you before you answer.

If you program a list of people’s names into the Caller ID telephone then when they call you their name will be shown instead of the number. A Caller ID telephone can work on an analogue line (as at home) or on your office’s PABX switch (normally with ISDN2e or ISDN30e lines).

For domestic use you do have to have a service called incoming analog CLI turned on by your provider (e.g. BT) that will have a small monthly or quarterly cost.  You’ll also require a Caller ID telephone that we can provide. There are many Caller ID telephone models to choose from so it’s probably wiser to ring us to discover which are the most popular sellers at the moment.

We think the best Caller ID telephone sets for businesses are manufactured by the Korean Manufacturer, Samsung-Electronics and they are the DS5000 or SMT-i5000 series.  caller_ID_telephone.pdf

All Samsung Caller ID telephone sales are discounted by 25% off RRP!  For Caller ID telephone purchases phone TelephoneSystemsDirect on 0800 652 8052.

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