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If you make calls to UK mobile destinations from your business premises there are a few different ways you can minimise your bills.  calls_to_uk_Mobile.pdf

We are aware that mobile calls to UK mobile are at very competitive rates whereas landline calls to UK mobile have a higher rate dependant on which provider your destination is.  Some businesses have deals where all their company mobiles are on the same network and that calls between them are free.  This is the selling point to get the traffic because calls outside this group will probably be slightly inflated to cover the inter-group call-costs.

In each case a GSM interface is also added to the office PBX to keep cost down.

However, by having standard mobile calls to UK mobile, and much cheaper trunk calls to UK mobile you may discover huge savings.

calls_to_uk_MobileIf you currently have a BT bill TelephoneSystemsDirect is certain to cut your overall telephone costs by in excess of 20% and in some cases we’ve achieved 50% by targeting local, national, international and calls to UK mobile tariffs to match your calling profile.

Contact our advisors on 0800 652 8052 to be advised which is the best method for your calls to UK mobile to be as cheap as possible.

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