can they support you adequately

This is the next article in our series of ten things to consider when choosing a supplier of capital equipment.

Hopefully you have taken all the advice we’ve offered previously and you now have a short list of potential suppliers.   As with every occasion where you are going to part with thousands of pounds of your money to invest in your company, you have to be convinced that when the inevitable occurs and something does go awry, you won’t be left without the services of the product you’ve purchased.

When we touched on Risk Management, we told you that you have to rehearse what to do when the theoretical threat to your asset actually happens.  

  • Who do you ring?
  • How long will it take them to respond?
  • What do you do in the meantime?

When contemplating these questions you need to put everything into context – for instance on phone systems problems that occur on a single extension, you can tolerate a slight delay, BUT for those that affect everyone – e.g. your lines have gone down – the resolution is critical and your phone systems maintainer needs to act promptly.

With modern technology, sometimes it’s not a physical necessity for an engineer to be despatched to site.  It may be possible that they can fix your problem remotely through an internet connection.

  • Do your short-listed providers have national coverage?
  • What cover do they have for holiday periods or illness?
  • Do they carry spares?

You will discover that the ones who have manufacturer’s accreditation will be 1st rate in providing support to you.

Some organisations, such as in the hotel industry believe they require 24/7 protection, and there are those who demand a four hour response.

When you probe their reasoning – what they really desire is instant contact over the phone and the assurance that the incident will be fixed in the minimum time.

phone_systems_007To chat about this topic at length you should speak to our Operations Manager who has years of experience in the phone systems customer-support environment and keeping customers happy.

Watch out for Article 8 which will focus on – their work force?

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