cancelling headset noise

cancelling_headset_noisecancelling_headset_noise_cs60The technology for cancelling headset noise has been around for quite a few years.  With some manufacturers the way in which they achieve cancelling headset noise is a closely guarded secret because they do it better than their competitors.  cancelling_headset_noise.pdf

Here at TelephoneSystemsDirect we sell phone systems with all sorts of accessories and ways in which to reduce your daily costs such as lower calling tariffs.

For many of our UK-wide client base they buy headsets to free up their admin & sales teams’ hands so that they can talk and enter data into their computers.  In busy rooms it is necessary to employ the best means of cancelling headset noise so that your customers feel that the person they are speaking to is only hearing them – it’s a personal thing talking to people!

Having the correct equipment isn’t the whole story when it comes to cancelling headset noise.  Inevitably someone won’t bother reading the instructions that come with the headset and they’ll complain about the noise.  By correctly positioning the microphone – which may be right in front of the mouth or under the chin – the problem will be solved.

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