Car Dealerships

motor_fourcourtAt Telephone Systems Direct we have a few chains of motor trade dealerships under our telecoms care.  Specialising in car and motorbike sales and service our clients have benefitted from having their premises and sites linked seamlessly utilising VoIP technology.

Having analysed their call profile we matched up more appropriate tariff packages for local, national and mobile calls plus line rentals and saving them thousands of pounds annually on their phone bill.

By using the facilities of ISDN and DDI the car dealerships’ staff can answer the caller appropriately based on the information in their handset display.  This tells them who is calling (the CLI) as well Why they’re phoning (the number they’ve dialled e.g. car showroom, spares, servicing, delivery, etc.)

We’ve a wealth of experience with how Car Dealerships need to operate.

You can benefit from our knowledge too by dialling 0800 652 8052 to learn about our 25% discounts  BUY HERE

Also we’ve attached a PDF brochure concerning car dealerships and the features and functionality that are most popular.

TelephoneSystemsDirect is a Samsung Platinum accredited business partner and as a holder of the prestigious SME Reseller of the Year trophy you’re assured of excellence from our telephone systems and in all our interactions with you.

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