cat 5 cable

cat_5_cableCAT 5 cable is obsolete!  YES really!cat_5_patch_cable

CAT 5 cable has been superseded by CAT5e cable.  There’s not a lot of difference though as CAT 5 cable delivers signals with frequencies up to 100 MHz over ninety metres while the later 5e standard manages 100m!  cat_5_cable.pdf

So there’s no significance for most small businesses who are contemplating structured cabling to enable them to reap the benefits of being able to move their staff around whenever it’s warranted without needing to call in expensive telecoms and IT engineers.

CAT 5 cable links the comms room to every possible desk position in your offices (providing you think ahead!) allowing phones and computers to be linked easily.  Every CAT 5 cable is numbered on the wall or floor outlet with a corresponding identity on the CAT 5 patch panel(s).  Plug in a CAT 5 patching cable from the phone system and a similar one from the router or data switch to the user’s points and then by plugging RJ45 leads from the workstation you’ll be up and running in no time at all.

cat_5_cable_PlatinumAt TelephoneSystemsDirect we’ve been installing CAT 5 cable and its successors (such as CAT6) since the early 1990’s so know how to do it properly.  Our quotations for CAT 5 cable don’t hide anything such as additional costs for hardware…it’s all included.

Dial 0800 652 8052 to speak to Les about CAT 5 cable installations…he’s got grey hair and speaks common sense!

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