cat 5 cables

cat_5_cablesCAT 5 cables are supplied in either STP or UTP versions – that’s Screened or Un-Screened Twisted Pair wiring for structured cabling.  This CAT 5 system has supplanted the separate CW1308 and Ethernet cables that have been installed in offices for telephones and computers.  These cat 5 cables don’t really care what goes through them – it’s all a matter of putting the appropriate adapters on each end.  These are MODTAPs in telephony parlance.

CAT 5 cables have been superseded by CAT 5e cables.  So what’s in the “e�  It’s all to do with the cable’s performance.  The CAT-5 spec guarantees signals with frequencies up to 100Mhz transmission speed will not have undue attenuation in installation lengths up to 90m.  CAT 5.e cables are able to perform up to 100m.  cat_5_cables.pdf

CAT 5 cables specifications include figures for Capacitance, Characteristic Impedance, DC Loop Resistance, Inductance, Insulation thickness, Propagation-Speed, Propagation-Delay, maximum operating temperatures and currents, plus Cross Talk between conductors….are all determined out by the IEEE.  If you seriously do want to know precisely what they are then we cat_5_cables_Platinumrecommend you type “CAT 5 cables†into your Internet search engine.

At TelephoneSystemsDirect we offer CAT 5 cables as well as CAT6 cable solutions to our clientele to complement their telephone systems.  We do this service so that they can more effectively manage their users’ phones and PCs. Relocating a user can be simple. No need for engineers.  Simply unplug the CAT 5 cables (patch and fly leads) and re-patch them after moving the person involved

For low cost Cat 5 cables and all other telecoms quotes call us on 0800 652 8052.

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