cat 5 cabling

cat_5_cablingCAT 5 cabling set the office world alight when structured cabling was introduced to bring computer and telephony cabling together.  With four twisted pairs carefully sheathed and terminated to RJ45 patch panels and wall sockets, cat 5 cabling has revolutionised moving staff about.  No longer does the admin manager have to arrange for both a telecoms and data engineer to appear at the same time before someone can move desks.  Now it’s a matter of shifting the PC and phone to the new desk, re-patching the leads in the comms room, and hey presto! they’re moved and working again.  cat_5_cabling.pdf

With cat 5 cabling speeds of 100 Mbs are possible with wiring lengths up to 90m providing that the cat 5 cabling has been installed to the manufacturer’s requirements.  CAT5e has largely superseded cat 5 cabling as it delivers 350Mbs over 110m – just check on different manufacturer claims.  With CAT6 you’re in the Gigabit speed domain but then there’s a price to pay which most businesses do not need.

At Telephone Systems Direct we pride ourselves on cat 5 cabling.  No cat 5 cabling job is too big or small.  Contact us on 0800 652 8052 to chat about cat 5 cabling.

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