cat 5e jack

cat_5e_jackThe termination of a cat 5e jack is a specialised operation.  Terminating requires a precise stripping of the insulation before the terminating tool is used.

This requirement for crimping a cat 5e jack on to the ends of cat 5 cable is imposed in order to maintain the performance through the building structured cabling system – from cat 5 patch panel, patching leads, the faceplate and finally the fly-lead – that’s end-to-end – connecting server to computer or phone to voice processor.

Your cat 5e jack is not much different to the cat 6 equivalent other than tolerances during manufacturing and a slightly inferior coating over the base copper of the conductors.  The construction of cat6cable differs from cat5cable – it has a central plastic core spacing the four twisted pairs marginally more than in the cat5 specification.  cat_5e_jack.pdf

The result:  a cat 6 jack delivers higher frequencies over a greater distance enabling you to practically download data faster.

To learn more about cat 5e jack (or 6) applications feel free to contact Telephone Systems Direct on 0800 652 8052.

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