cat5 cabling

cat5_cablingCAT5 cabling delivers!  Even though CAT5 cabling has been superseded by CAT5e cabling and now CAT6, CAT5 cabling still can be utilised for most businesses to run both voice and data quite effectively.

The time to consider upgrading from CAT5 cabling is when your company’s applications require Giga-Bit speed through your LAN.  Then you’re also looking at a high expenditure in new switches and routers.

If you have been told to upgrade your CAT5 cabling because you are considering going to VoIP telephony then
(at TelephoneSystemsDirect) we think you’re being given incorrect advice.

OK nobody will install CAT5 cabling nowadays because CAT5-e is the defacto standard.  cat5_cabling.pdf

To chat about any type of telecommunication-related CAT5 cabling please ring Les at Telephone Systems Direct on
0800 652 8052.  We specialise in consultation, supply and installation of BEST BUY phone systems, maintenance, cabling
– we’re a Samsung Platinum Business Partner and a holder of the SME Reseller of the Year trophy.

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