cat5e cable

CAT5e_cableCAT5e cable is the successor to CAT5 cable.  These are supplied in either UTP or STP versions – that’s Un-Screened or Screened Twisted Pair cable.

So what’s in the “e�  It’s all to do with the cable performance over longer distances.  The CAT-5 spec guaranteed signals with frequencies up to 100Mhz transmission speed would not have undue attenuation in installed lengths up to 90m.  CAT5e cable is able to perform to 100m.

CAT5e cable specifications include figures for Characteristic Impedance, DC Loop Resistance, Propagation-Speed, Propagation-Delay, Inductance, Capacitance, Tensile loading, Insulation thickness, max operating Temperatures and Currents, plus Cross Talk between conductors….are all set out by the IEEE.  If you really do want to know precisely what they are then we recommend you type CAT5e cable into your Internet search engine.

CAT5e is an installation requirement as well as a physical specification for the construction of the four twisted wire pairs that are terminated on RJ45 connectors.  It also defines the centres between supports when running vertically and horizontally; minimum bending radius; maximum numbers of CAT5e cables that can be bunched together; distance that CAT5e cable should be from power carrying conduits; etc….  CAT5e_cable.pdf

CAT5e_cable_PlatinumAt TelephoneSystemsDirect we offer CAT5e cable and CAT6 cable solutions to our customers to complement their phone systems.  We do this so that they can manage where their users site their phones and PCs more easily.  They can be simply relocated from one spot to another. No need for engineers to attend.  Simply unplug each CAT5e cable (patch and fly leads) and re-patch them after moving the person involved

For low cost CAT5e cable quotes call us on 0800 652 8052.

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