CAT5eCAT5e – or Category 5e cable.  This is the successor to the CAT5 structured cabling standard.  CAT5e.pdf

So what’s in the “e�  It’s all to do with the cable’s performance being maintained over a longer distance.  The cat5 spec only guaranteed the 100Mhz transmission speed without undue attenuation in installed lengths up to 90m.  This has been extended to 100m in the later version.

CAT5e is an installation requirement as well as a physical specification for the construction of the four twisted wire pairs that are terminated on RJ45 connectors.  It also defines the patch leads and panels that complete the parts comprising the CAT5e family.

Cross Talk, Characteristic Impedance, DC Loop Resistance, Propogation-Speed, Propogation-Delay, Delay-Skew, Capacitance, Inductance, Tensile loading, Insulation thickness, maximum Current and operating Temperatures….are all defined by the IEEE.  If you really do want to know exactly what they all are then we recommend you type cAT5e into Google or go straight to Wikipedia.

CAT5e_PlatinumAt TelephoneSystemsDirect we offer CAT5e and CAT6 solutions to our clients to compliment their telephone systems.  We do this so that they can be in control of where their users site their phone and PC.  They can be easily relocated from one place to another. No need for telecommunications and IT engineers to attend.  Simply unplug each CAT5e lead and re-patch them after relocating the person involved.  Slightly higher initial costs but no subsequent ones.

For low cost CAT5e quotes call us on 0800 652 8052.

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