cat6 installation

cat6_installationCertifying a cat6 installation is run-of-the-mill to most qualified engineers.  Once they’ve been on the right course and had it drummed into them the importance of not cutting corners and sticking to the installation guide lines – then the cat6 installation is a “doddleâ€!

Measuring cross talk, impedance, loop resistance, capacitance and end-to-end losses is simply a matter of plugging in a CAT6 meter into every socket and letting it perform.  If any of these measurements on the cat6 installation is out of spec, then the technician has to find out the reason why, and rectify.

Where a cat6 installation differs from CAT5e is in the bend radius mainly.  Due to the construction of the cat6 cable – it has a central polyethylene core to space the four twisted pairs further apart – it can’t be bent – otherwise there is a significant degradation in performance. cat6_installation.pdf

If you are contemplating a cat6 installation then don’t let the electrical contractor do it unless you’ve seen their certification for the system they are planning to supply.  Compare that to a quotation from a reputable cat6 installation firm that does it day-in, day-out.  They will inevitably install your cat6 installation to a higher standard and present you with first-rate “as installed†drawings afterwards.

If you’re thinking of a cat6 installation as part of a project up upgrade your communications then chat to TelephoneSystemsDirect on 0800 652 8052.  We speak to you frankly and can offer sensible, unbiased advice.

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