You are guaranteed that there is not an easier route to buy telephone systems in a truly economic way. You earn 25% off RRP because we have eliminated the cost of field based telephone systems salespeople. It is a simple three step process:

1. Tell us your requirement by phone on 0800 652 8052 or by form

We need to ascertain how many outside lines are required and the number of telephones needed. You can also advise of preferred extras such as: voicemail, remote VoIP extensions, call logging, voice-recording, etc. If you want assistance then our advisors are available when you ring in on the FREEphone by asking the right questions to ensure that all of your organisation’s angles are covered. You can even watch most of the telephone system’s functions demonstrated by video on a variety of our websites. Just let us know if you cannot spot the demo movie that you’re seeking; no car journeys, just straight to the telephone systems costings.

2. Receive your 1st quote

Every item is listed separately on your telephone systems PDF quotation. You will see the parts, their retail price and your discounted figure. So at a glance you will find it child’s play to witness the effect of adding or removing something from your specification.

3. Refining quotes to your satisfaction

Whilst the initial telephone systems quotations are often on the mark, you may wish to increase or reduce specifications to alter the bottom line accordingly. Training, voice processing and management software are all optional so it is a cinch to fine tune the numbers. Our team will help you to revisit this as frequently as you desire.

Ongoing Savings

You will get 25% off your add-ons – on an ongoing basis, which is unheard of in telephone systems. It is common for telecommunications dealers to sharpen their pencils at the point of original purchase but they then revert to manufacturers’ recommendations for additions once the honeymoon period is over.

You can pay maintenance monthly – versus the traditional method of annual, in advance, for telephone systems cover. All that we ask is that you remit by direct debit and commit to a longer term.

Cheaper calls and line-rental – are billed directly by us. We utilise the BT wholesale channel to bring good service whilst still cutting your telephony overheads.