cordless phone handsets

cordless_phone_handsetsThere are so many cordless phone handsets available in the marketplace that it’s not surprising that you’ve resorted to the internet to find out more.  Fortunately your search for cordless phone handsets has led you to Telephone Systems Direct.  We’re the supplier where you’ll get your cordless phone handsets cheaper without having to ask.  cordless_phone_handsets.pdf

cordless_phone_handsets_SamsungFor instance…Samsung DECT300 and SMTi-W5120…we offer you 25% discounts off cordless phone handsets, corded phone handsets, OfficeServ7000 series phone systems and on parts for older products such as DCS, iDCS and OfficeServ (100 or 500).

cordless_phone_handsets_BTTelephoneSystemsDirect has been around since 1992 and having received the accolade of SME Reseller of the Year and being one of Samsung’s Platinum Business Partners, it assures you of excellence in all the services we have for you from cordless phone handsets to cheap calls and line rentals, installation, maintenance and consultation.

0800 652 8052 gets you in touch for cordless phone handsets and telecom solutions.

cordless digital answerphone

cordless_digital_answerphoneWhat would we do without them?

All phone answering machines give our callers a chance of leaving a message when we are tied up doing something else.  You only have to think of the number of ways it’s possible to contact us now….in the office through our business phone system, at home on our PSTN line, on our mobile phone or more recently through our computer with VoIP.  Those alternatives allow the person to speak us personally.  Then there are the electronic messaging services….email, SMS text, Facebook and Twitter (to name just two of the social networks).

Frequently we’re so busy that there are times when we don’t have free hands to get to a ringing phone.  Thank God for the cordless digital answerphone! We can switch off and let it answer for a while and then listen to the messages at a time that’s convenient to us.
cordless_digital_answerphone_BTInitially all answerphones were analogue devices with a cassette tape that could be changed when it eventually wore out.  Now with digital with solid-state memory chips we recieve much higher quality reproduction.  These attach in parallel with our everyday phone and kick in when it’s unanswered.  Today everything’s cordless…kettles, door bells as well as the phone.

At TelephoneSystemsDirect we have loads of low-cost cordless digital answerphone models– ring us on
0800 652 8052. cordless_digital_answerphone.pdf

For businesses substitute cordless digital answerphone with voice-mail.  The Samsung OfficeServ7000 series of phone servers delivers your cordless digital answerphone  service using the SVMi for all your users for next to nothing – £150 on the OfficeServ7030 (that’s up to 20 extensions!)  Knock our generous 25% discounts off that and you see how cost effective a digital answerphone really is! 

Dial 0800 652 8052 and chat to our team about cordless digital answerphone solutions.

uniden dect cordless phones

Uniden_DECT_cordless_phonesUniden DECT cordless phones come from North America!  The Uniden DECT cordless phones are generally only sold by online stores such as Amazon – or through larger superstores such as Costco.  Uniden_DECT_cordless_phones.pdf

The Uniden DECT cordless phones range currently includes DECT 6.0 models DECT4066, DECT2185-3, DECT1363, DECT1560, DCX650…….the list seems endless!

Uniden_DECT_cordless_phones_D1660-2TIn Uniden’s words: In addition you’ll enjoy maximum voice security and the clearest reception, so there’s no struggling to hear or be heard while talking on the phone. The DECT2180-2 has a digital answering machine with handset access and an impressive 14-minute recording time, so you’ll never miss an important call. The user friendly design of the DECT2180 offers menu prompts in both English and Spanish, while the blue backlit keypad makes it easy to enter phone-numbers in any light setting. The large, easy-to-read LCD screen clearly displays the date/time, extension and other data and is also compatible with the caller-ID and call-waiting display. The 70 phone-book locations and 30-number caller ID history help ensure that you won’t need to hunt for a number again. Enjoy the three-party conferencing option, great for chatting to friends and family members. The DECT2180.2 truly adapts to your needs by being expandable to up to six handsets and by offering time-saving features. First, the high visibility message-waiting indicator lets you immediately know when someone has left a message. (Note: to activate this feature, you must subscribe through your telephone company.)

For Uniden DECT cordless phones ring TelephoneSystemsDirect on 0800 652 8052.

doro shop


doro_shop_HS1110doro_shop35905Looking for a DORO SHOP?  Then be green: don’t drive there, pick up the phone and dial 0800 652 8052 for the online Doro shop.  We have all the models from Doro available at the end of a telephone line.  Just have your credit card to hand when you get through to the Doro shop and we’ll deliver to your door next working day!doro_shop38698

doro_shop38366The warehouse behind our Doro shop has in stock: the 212IPC USB Broadband-phone, Care SecurePlus (with visual call-indicator), Congress 205 and 305, HearPlus EH340m, HS1910 DECT, Multi-Media headsets, PhoneEasy 337 IP-phone as well as the Doro one-piece plain ordinary phones.  doro_shop.pdf doro_shop_congress305

doro_shopaudioline-tel-2Don’t waste any more time trawling through endless web pages trying to find a better deal at a Doro shop, because you’ll be spending more than you’ll be saving with our competitive prices.

Ring 0800 652 8052 NOW for THE Doro shop.  Go on, you know it makes sense – and a call to us costs you NOTHING!

quad dect telephones

quad_dect_telephones_BT_VerveThe BT Verve 410 quad dect telephones are ideal contenders for design and style in the home, as well as the office.  quad_dect_telephones.pdf

quad dect telephones: The 410 is available in Single, Twin and Trio packs if you don’t require four handsets.

quad_dect_telephonesquad dect telephones specification: Out of range warning, Incoming and Outgoing call list, Transfer, Paging facility, Hold and Recall button, Speed dial, Low battery indicator, Missed calls log, Liquid Crystal Display (LCD), GAP compatible, 10 hour’s talk and 100 hours standby duration; SMS text messaging, 200 phone book locations, Built-in speakerphone, Polyphonic ringtones, Last number redial, Ringer and Handset volume controls, On hook dialling, Call time, One Year Manufacturer Warranty.

0800 652 8052 gets you through to the advisors at TelephoneSystemsDirect who can give you a good deal on a selection of quad dect telephones models.  We’ve listed this because it’s the most popular at present.

Have your credit card to hand when you ring so we can arrange instant dispatch for your quad dect telephones.

usb cordless phone

There is a plethora of USB cordless phone models available from a wide range of manufacturers and, as they do update their catalogues at more frequent intervals, we haven’t put any current offerings in this article, other than the Plantronics USB cordless phone solution pictured and described in more detail in the attached PDF.  usb_cordless_phone.pdf

usb_cordless_phoneUSB cordless phone solutions are offered at cheaper prices at TelephoneSystemsDirect, as are numerous other telephony products such as cordless headsets, so by dialling 0800 652 8052 you can find out more about them.

At Telephone Systems Direct our advisors offer free advice on all matter of telecommunications that we experience each day from reducing your annual business phone bill, to implementing a USB cordless phone for some of your workers.

Our preferred implementations are DECT & Wi-Fi handsets from the OfficeServ7000 series of VoIP-enabled phone systems or with VoIP corded phones connected by RJ45 connectors rather than a specific USB cordless phone, freeing up your PC ports for external hard-drives, USB mouse and speakers, etc.

0800 652 8052 connects you to our team for information on your USB cordless phone.

cheap idect phone

cheap_idect_phonecheap_idect_phone_aTo find a cheap idect phone is as simple as dialling 0800 652 8052.

What to Buy for Business magazine rated the OfficeServ7030 and OfficeServ7400 BEST BUYS – why?  Value for money telephone systems with DECT, IPDECT, Wi-Fi, SIP, ISDN and a host of optional software applications to make your handling of customer calls so much more efficient.

cheap idect phone:  The DECT5020 handset – it’s a badged Kirk terminal – gives its user full phone system functionality and comes to you with 25% discount from Telephone Systems Direct.

cheap idect phone: The SMTi-W5120 is the cordless solution where you’ve already invested in wireless LAN technology.

cheap_idect_phone_bWhy buy a cheap idect phone from TelephoneSystemsDirect?  cheap_idect_phone.pdf

  1. Cheap prices
  2. Wide selection of models
  3. Samsung Platinum accreditation
  4. SME Reseller of the Year trophy holder
  5. Providing telephony solutions to the UK since 1992
  6. 25% DISCOUNTS on OfficeServ7000, terminals and business-applications
  7. An umbrella of support services
  8. Any telecoms accessory you want – from just one number!

ge telephone headsets

ge_telephone_headsetsThe GE telephone headsets currently available through TelephoneSystemsDirect are:

GE JASHO98980 with large foam swivel ear-cups for extra comfort

GE 26694 used with your pc for communicating with applications like SKYPE

GE 98650 VoIP Webcam-Headset Kit: The web cam and headset allows you to see and talk to family and friends anywhere with Voice over Internet.

There are of course badged GE telephone headsets from the likes of Plantronics and Cisco.

Call Telephone Systems Direct who will chat to you about your specific telephone headsets requirement and recommend which is the most popular for that use at the moment.  We can supply GE telephone headsets and others such as Doro, Geemarc, Jabra, Panasonic, JPL, Sennheiser, to name but a few…..have your credit card to hand if you call by phone.

0800 652 8052 gets you the best advice AND prices on all telephone headsets!

cordless telephone dect

cordless_telephone_dectChoosing a cordless telephone DECT or WiFi needs some understanding of why there are these technologies……

Wireless Fidelity and Digitally Enhanced Cordless Telephony are the two terms:  they utilise different radio frequencies according to IEEE802.11  but the major differentiator is that the Wi-Fi units are IP devices while the cordless telephone dect are connected to physical analogue extensions of common or garden PTO lines or to business’s PBXs.  Also, one works better in a particular environment than the other, and vice-versa (e.g. Warehouses and offices).

cordless_telephone_dect_aObtaining a value for money cordless telephone dect ring Telephone Systems Direct on 0800 652 8052 where our advisors will inform you about which cordless telephone dect is the best seller and which cordless telephone dect is going to perform on your site.

In business the cordless telephone dect terminals that complement the BEST  BUYs OfficeServ7030 and OfficeServ7400 (ratings from: What to Buy for Business magazine) are the DECT5020 and SMTi-W5120.   cordless_telephone_dect.pdf

You’ll get your cordless telephone dect with and without answer machine functionality. For multiple handset packages of cordless telephone dect then you will be choosing from Panasonic, BT, Siemens and Philips, to name but a few. 

By dialling 0800 652 8052 for a value-for-money cordless telephone dect you’ll be doing it wisely.

dect voip phone

The Samsung DECT5020 dect voip phone is provided in a number of configurations to provide a solution to meet your organisation’s needs.   dect_voip_phone.pdf

dect_voip_phoneThe DECT300 dect voip phone package is the simplest and most effective way to implement mobility within your office environment offering wireless connectivity to your OfficeServ7000 platform for up to 12 staff.  For more complex applications the DECT600 dect voip phone system is an ideal method to improve the effectiveness of your comms. With a wide variety of enhanced and integrated features available and the registration of up to 480 handsets a DECT-600 scheme delivers stylish telephones for larger and more diverse working environments. This dect voip phone technology compares favourably with Wi-Fi phones and is generally a cheaper option.

These DECT solutions can be a real problem solver for companies with workers who require mobile-communications in the workplace, vastly improving worker efficiency and reducing ongoing communication costs. For large sites, warehousing, hot-desking, hotels, hospitals, concert venues, or wherever personnel need to be contactable on the move, Samsung’s VoIP-enabled voice servers offer an array of sophisticated yet user-friendly functions.

You can learn more about the dect voip phone D5020 at TelephoneSystemsDirect.  We’re a member of the Samsung-Electronics Platinum Business Partner club and give you 25% discount on all your OfficeServ purchases.  0800 652 8052 connects you to our advisors.