idcsiThe idcsi came in two flavours: idcsi 100 which was the natural successor to the DCS-Compact-II and the idcsi 500 that replaced the larger DCS configurations.  The idcsi 100 PABX-Key System was a best seller in the UK & European comms market.  Being configurable from 8 to 40 extensions with 30 channels of ISDN (Primary rate), with top-quality voicemail and voice-over-IP functionality the idcsi 100 was on the leading edge of the communications we take for granted now.  (the last “i†standing for internet)

The idcsi 100 has been superseded by the OfficeServ100 and latterly by the OfficeServ7100.  idcsi.pdf

At TelephoneSystemsDirect we maintain the idcsi 100 and 500 for clients across the length and breadth of the country.  We hold plenty of spare parts and additional phones to keep your idcsi up and running for years to come.  When you believe it’s time to upgrade from the idcsi the Telephone Systems Direct is the first port of call as we’ll discount your OfficeServ by 25% and you’ll still be able to use your existing keyphones.

0800 652 8052 connects you to our advisors where they’ll tell you about “What to Buy for Business†magazine’s GOOD BUYS. (OS7030 and OS7400)

Samsung 500

Samsung_500_25_OFFThe Samsung 500 is offered to you by Telephone Systems Direct.

The Samsung 500 was designed as the iDCS 500, and latterly as the OfficeServ 500. Whichever Samsung 500 system you may have, we can supply all the cards and accessories that you require.

Both of the Samsung 500 models are still current and are fully supported by our trained Engineers.

Additional equipment is all stocked and the price is discounted at 25% off RRP.

samsung_500Should you need a Service Contract for your Samsung 500 PABX then please look no further than TelephoneSystemsDirect. We hold one of each piece of Samsung 500 kit and we can guarantee that should a fault occur with your Samsung 500 telephony, we are there to help.

Samsung 500 handsets and keyphones:  In our web store you’ll see all of the Samsung 500 hand-sets. The new DS5000 phones are stylish and give lots of features and functions. At £112.50 excluding VAT for a Samsung 500 14 Button phone we think you’ll find it difficult to do better.

Samsung_500_platWhy buy your parts from us? We are Samsung Platinum Partners. This is the highest achievement level that Samsung Dealers can have and we have done it, year-after-year! We must keep all types of Samsung spares, including your Samsung 500 and provide a Technical Department.

Look no further for your Samsung 500 advice!  0800 652 8052 connects you.

idcs 16 phone system

idcs 16 phone system

The iDCS 16 phone system is American.  The iDCS 16 18 and iDCS 16 24 phones are of the Falcon range.  The iDCS 16 phone system is not available in the UK.

The iDCS 16 phone system provides twelve digital and four analogue extensions.  It looks externally similar to a DCS816.  The iDCS 16 phone system offers three and six trunk options but no ISDN of VoIP functionality as the name implied.

At TelephoneSystemsDirect we would struggle to offer you any support for your iDCS 16 phone system.  We’d be more than happy to provide spares and service on any iDCS100 or iDCS500 phone system.

For complete information on the iDCS 16 phone system we can recommend that you follow this link, but we are unable to proffer any comment on this organisation’s services or reputation.  It is only provided as a source of data and access to the iDCS 16 phone system general description.

idcs ksu

office serv ds 5007s

The office serve ds 5007s is not the entry level phone used on the OfficeServ series of voice servers.  That is the “Standard†keyset DS2100B.  However, the office serve ds 5007s is the basic display keyphone and offers the user concise information on the incoming caller’s identity and also WHY they’ve called – i.e. the DDI dialled.  office_serve_ds_5007s.pdf

The office serve ds 5007s displays two rows of sixteen characters so in normal state shows you your extension ID and user’s name together with time and date.  There are three “soft†keys below the LCD that are context sensitive – giving a different function dependant on mode.

Besides these the office serve ds 5007s has seven programmable buttons for facilities such as CALL, PICKUP, CONF, DIR, PAGE, DSS/BLF and SPD.  The full range of functions can be advised.  Each button can be programmed to suit the staff member’s requirement.

For maintenance of the office serve ds 5007s TelephoneSystemsDirect is the best. 

Call us for support, or to purchase additional office serve ds 5007s on 0800 652 8052.

samsung idcs 500


The samsung office serv ds 5014s telephone is the most popular in the 5000 series range.  The other model are DS5007S, DS5038S and DS5064 while those with a navigation key (as on mobiles) are DS5014D, DS5021D, and finally the IP  large screen ITP5112L with LAN-connected ITP5121D, ITP5114D & ITP5107S.

Samsung OfficeServ 5000 series.pdf

While the samsung office serv ds 5014s is frequently pushed to one side in favour of lesser priced options it should be the terminal of choice.  The upper row of programmable buttons give CALL1, CALL2, CLIP, DIR, VMAIL, VT & PICKUP functions leaving the lower seven for office extension or one-touch external dialling destinations.  We have found that this is the most ergonomic arrangement of use for the samsung office serv ds 5014s.

Should you be requiring any support for samsung office serv ds 5014s, our experienced technicians, under the direction of the Operations Manager will be the team resolving any problems that might arise.

If it’s instructions for the samsung office serv ds 5014s you’re after our training staff are here to answer your call.

0800 652 8052 is your help line.

idcs 500 telephone system

officeserv_ds5014s The OfficeServ DS5014s is a fourteen button keyphone designed exclusively by Samsung.  The OfficeServ DS5014s phone is compatible with all of the OfficeServ range of telephone systems, which consist of the OfficeServ7100, the OfficeServ7200, the OfficeServ7400 and the latest OfficeServ7030.

The OfficeServ DS5014s is a very sophisticated piece of equipment with 14 fast dial keys, all of which have tri coloured LED status indicators.  The OfficeServ DS5014s also has a two line, thirty-two character LCD (Liquid crystal display) adjustable screen; ideal for displaying all of the vital call information. The OfficeServ DS5014s is black in colour and incredibly stylish, the perfect compliment to any office desk.  The OfficeServ DS5014s is only £112.50 excluding VAT (25% discounted off the recommended retail price) and the OfficeServ DS5014s can be despatched for next working day delivery using our premium courier service. 

officeserv_ds5014s_platAs well as stocking the OfficeServ DS5014s keysets, we stock all of the OfficeServ parts and modules.  Our provision of OfficeServ installation and maintenance is second to none.  All of our Engineers are fully trained on all aspects of the OfficeServ telephony network after completing the various courses and seminars.

For more information on the OfficeServ DS5014s keyset or any of our other support services, please contact our team on 0800 652 8052.

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iDCS 500

Samsung_DCS816_Telephone_SystemThe Samsung DCS816 has been one of our best selling phone systems over the last decade. We sold high numbers of the Samsung DCS816 making it one of the most popular PABX’s of its time.

The Samsung DCS816 was a PABX designed by the Korean Manufacturer, Samsung and as the name suggests was configured to accept eight lines and sixteen extensions.

Samsung DCS816 parts: Samsung DCS816 cards and modules can still be sourced even though Samsung have ceased distribution.

As a Samsung Platinum Partner, it is necessary for us to keep stock of all Samsung DCS816 kit as well as all of the other Samsung models including the Samsung OfficeServ. The Samsung DCS816 accessories are supplied brand new and any item can be despatched for next working day delivery.

Not only do we have a premium courier service but all Samsung DCS816 equipment is discounted at 25% off the recommended retail price, resulting in fantastic savings.    Samsung_DCS816_replacement Telephone_System.pdf

As a major Samsung reseller, we also offer maintenance for all Samsung phone systems. Our fully trained Samsung Engineers cover the United Kingdom (excluding Northern Ireland) offering full support on all Samsung DCS, iDCS and OfficeServ kits.

Our Samsung DCS816 service contracts are reasonably priced and very affordable. For more information, please contact a member of our Samsung sales team on 0800 652 8052.

Samsung iDCS 500

Samsung PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange . In other words it is a Samsung telephone ex-change that serves a certain organisation rather than a PBX that operates for the common public.

What_is_the_Samsung_PBXThe Samsung PBX connects using the phone lines of the private Business and connects them to the PSTN via trunk lines. What Samsung PBX options are available? There is a huge variety of Samsung PBX systems that are available for purchase.

The Samsung PBX consist of the Samsung Compact, the Samsung DCS, the Samsung iDCS and finally the Samsung OfficeServ PBX (although the first two have been discontinued). We stock all Samsung PBX parts and accessories. As we are Samsung Platinum Partners it is our duty to ensure all equipment levels of Samsung PABX kit is kept adequately high. As well as this our Samsung PBX products have been discounted at 25% off the recommended retail price.What_is_the_Samsung_PBX_plat

Maintenance for your Samsung PBX can be purchased from us. Our fully qualified Engineering Team can support your Samsung PBX anywhere nationwide (excluding Northern Ireland).

Call us now on 0800 652 8052 where one of our experienced advisors can prepare a Service Contract specific to your Samsung PBX.