samsung officeserv100

Samsung_OfficeServ100This article about the Samsung OfficeServ100 is so that we can tell you that although the iDCS100 was the successor to the DCS Compact II the three systems are essentially the same – but different back-planes make them unique.

The Samsung OfficeServ100 took the previous electronics into new territories of communication. The ITM/ITM3 modules that were instrumental in enabling VoIP on the iDCS were replaced by the MGI – Media Gateway Interfaces – on the OfficeServ – the second generation of voice over IP technology as far as its manufacturer, Samsung Electronics, was concerned. (The platform that the later OfficeServ7000 series was based on.) Samsung_OfficeServ100.pdf

The Samsung OfficeServ100 was made effectively obsolete in April 2007 (technical assistance being withdrawn by Samsung in 2012). The last shipments of Samsung OfficeServ100 left Samsung in June 2007. TelephoneSystemsDirect has plenty of Samsung OfficeServ100 spares so should you be searching for support, then please do ring us on 0800 652 8052.

We are Samsung Platinum accredited and being a holder of the SME Reseller of the Year trophy you’re assured of excellence in all our services.

Office Serv 100

office_serv_100The Office Serv 100 is the best of optimised enterprise IP solutions for medium sized organisations. The Office Serv 100 has a wide range of features and functionality making the Samsung OfficeServ an effective, affordable solution for any Organisation.

The Office Serv 100 is of a modular design allowing the system to grow alongside your Company. Developed by the Korean Manufacturer, Samsung-Electronics, the Office Serv 100 has been awarded the “What to buy for Business 2005 BEST BUY “. (WTB4B is the independent review publication on telephony products).

Office Serv 100 parts and support: All Office Serv 100 kit is stocked in our Warehouse. As Platinum Partners we are committed to keeping stock of each and every piece of Office Serv equipment (as well as the other makes and models). All Office Serv 100 items have been discounted at 25% off the recommended retail price rebuilding on the fact that the Office Serv 100 is a sound investment for your company. Our Office Serv 100 maintenance contracts are good value for money and give you peace of mind that should a fault occur, your Office Serv 100 is covered in the event of a breakdown. Our Office Serv 100 Service Engineers travel the length and breadth of the Country ensuring that all systems are serviced and supported.  office_serv_100.pdf

For more information, please contact us on TelephoneSystemsDirect on 0800 652 8052 and speak to one of our specialised Sales Advisors.

officeserve 100

The OfficeServ 7100 is second in the OfficeServ7000 series.  It provides more capacity than the OfficeServ7030 but less than the OfficeServ7200 and OfficeServ7400.  officeserve_7100.pdf

The officeserve 7100 has two slots for configuring the system to the customer’s requirements. 

officeserve_7100Each officeserve 7100 slot can accept the following modules: TEPRIa – 30 channel ISDN30; 8TRK2 – 8 analogue trunks; 8-DLI or 16-DLI – digital extensions; 16MWSLI – message waiting ports for POTs; COMBO2 – 8DLI + 8SLI; MGI-16 – media gateway interface for VoIP; LIM – local area network (16 port).

The officeserve 7100 UNI module has three locations for the daughter board cards: 2BRM – 4channels of ISDN2 (2-circuits); 4TRM – 4cct analog trk; 4DLM – 4-circuit digital-extensions; 4SLM – 4 analogue-extensions (X-MW).

It is also possible to place an additional 2-DLM on the officeserve 7100 MP10 processor.

As you can see the officeserve 7100 is very flexible in the way it can be configured so that it we can minimise the circuits that are never going to be used, and so keep the overall price to the bare minimum.

0800 652 8052 for more information on the officeserve 7100.

A Samsung OfficeServ

a_samsung_officeservA Samsung OfficeServ can mean one of the following: 16, 100, 500, 7030, 7100, 7200, 7400 or an application which provides the functionality required by today’s communications professionals.

At Telephone Systems Direct we can help you on a Samsung OfficeServ question.
For instance: How Do I Change the Time and Date on a Samsung OfficeServ? 
Answer: use Command 505 or OfficeServ Manager.

Perhaps you’re after information about a Samsung OfficeServ terminal? These range from single-line Plain-Ordinary-Telephones, through keysets with no programmable buttons, to large colour display IP models.

Do you want to know if a Samsung OfficeServ can connect your voice call over the internet?
YES it can and we understand how to do it.


a_samsung_officeserv_PlatHow can I reduce comms costs through a Samsung OfficeServ?
We can identify a better tariff package for calls and rental which could amount to savings of hundreds, or thousands of pounds annually.

So contact us on 0800 652 8052 where our advisors will chat about how a Samsung OfficeServ can improve your business.

Samsung OfficeServ 100

idcs phone systemsidcs phone systems

iDCS phone systems, manufactured by the Korean company Samsung, have been around since the late 1990’s.  iDCS phone systems were one of the leading telephony products on the market to be able to give voice-over-the-internet (VoIP) connectivity.

The iDCS100 replaced the DCS-Compact II while the iDCS500 superseded the multi-cabinet DCS.

Support for iDCS phone systems is still viable even though they are getting on in years!  At Telephone Systems Direct our record goes back to 1992.  With Platinum partner status we have an extensive maintenance stock (thousands of pounds of it) to ensure we normally fix any problem on our first visit to site.

We have user guides and administrator manuals available from the document section of our website or you can obtain from:

Should you be trying to expand iDCS phone systems but everyone you’ve called says you need a new system, ring 0800 652 8052 to get a frank answer.  If your iDCS has spare capacity, we’ll have the module(s) and terminals to meet your needs.


on Samsung OfficeServ

on samsung officeservon Samsung OfficeServ

Information on Samsung OfficeServ is available from any of the specialists at Telephone Systems Direct on 0800 652 8052.

User Guides and Product Manuals on Samsung OfficeServ can be found from the Samsung site:

Achieving voice-over-IP on Samsung OfficeServ is relatively easy as this range of communication servers have developed with the advances in technology.  Earlier 100 and 500 models required more skill to achieve the same effect than on the current 7000 series products.  The cost is constantly falling as new modules come on stream and software packages are released.

Our experts on Samsung OfficeServ are the sales team excel when analysing your requirements initially and our technicians when it comes to installing & programming.  All have received directed training by Samsung personnel.  This has lead us to becoming a Samsung Platinum partner.

So whatever advice you seek on Samsung OfficeServ, you have arrived at the right location.

on officeserv

on officeservon officeserv

We can advise on officeserv.  The Samsung OfficeServ is a family of communication servers providing solutions for organisations large or small.

Telephone Systems Direct will provide a quote on officeserv if you’re seeking a top industry communications package. Should you be looking for support on officeserv, look no further.  As a Platinum partner our maintenance service is top-notch.  We keep a full stock of spare parts so that when we attend your site, we’ll have the part one the first visit, rather than having to order it from the warehouse.

Perhaps you’re after advice on officeserv.  Again we can satisfy your needs.  Our sales & technical specialists know all there is (other than how it was designed) including product brochures, user guides and manuals.

You can obtain more information on officeserv directly from the manufacturer by copying this link into your browser:

Call 0800 652 8052 to find more on officeserv.

OfficeServ 100

Samsung_DCS816_Telephone_SystemThe Samsung DCS816 has been one of our best selling phone systems over the last decade. We sold high numbers of the Samsung DCS816 making it one of the most popular PABX’s of its time.

The Samsung DCS816 was a PABX designed by the Korean Manufacturer, Samsung and as the name suggests was configured to accept eight lines and sixteen extensions.

Samsung DCS816 parts: Samsung DCS816 cards and modules can still be sourced even though Samsung have ceased distribution.

As a Samsung Platinum Partner, it is necessary for us to keep stock of all Samsung DCS816 kit as well as all of the other Samsung models including the Samsung OfficeServ. The Samsung DCS816 accessories are supplied brand new and any item can be despatched for next working day delivery.

Not only do we have a premium courier service but all Samsung DCS816 equipment is discounted at 25% off the recommended retail price, resulting in fantastic savings.    Samsung_DCS816_replacement Telephone_System.pdf

As a major Samsung reseller, we also offer maintenance for all Samsung phone systems. Our fully trained Samsung Engineers cover the United Kingdom (excluding Northern Ireland) offering full support on all Samsung DCS, iDCS and OfficeServ kits.

Our Samsung DCS816 service contracts are reasonably priced and very affordable. For more information, please contact a member of our Samsung sales team on 0800 652 8052.

The Samsung OfficeServ 100

The_Samsung_OfficeServ_100The Samsung OfficeServ 100 was one of the original OfficeServ telephone systems designed and manufactured by Samsung. Since the Samsung OfficeServ 100, Samsung have developed quite a number of OfficeServ PABXs which they have distributed throughout the United Kingdom.

The Samsung OfficeServ 100 was replaced by the OfficeServ 7000 series which include the Samsung OfficeServ 7100, the Samsung OfficeServ 7200, the Samsung OfficeServ 7400 and then finally the Samsung OfficeServ 7030. However, although the Samsung OfficeServ 100 has been discontinued and is no longer made, we can still source all of the Samsung OfficeServ 100 parts. This is because of our Platinum Partner Status, which has been awarded to us by Samsung. Our continuous customer service and excellent knowledge has resulted in Telephone Systems Direct receiving this prestigious award. With this in mind, all Samsung OfficeServ 100 cards and modules can be obtained disounted at 25% off the recommended retail price.

The_Samsung_OfficeServ_100_-_PlatSamsung OfficeServ 100 maintenance: We can still maintain and support the Samsung OfficeServ 100 PBX. Our fully competent engineers travel nationwide covering the whole of the Uk (except Northern Ireland) providing fantastic installation services. Our maintenance agreements are also cost effective and affordable. Contact one of our experienced Sales Advisors on 0800 652 8052 to discuss Samsung OfficeServ 100 in more detail.