Hotel Phone Systems


Would you employ Gordon Ramsey or Michel Roux to attract visitors to your hotel?

Do you think that it’s purely the stomach that impresses people with an hotel?

We believe that there are many other differentiators that hotel owners are employing to make their accommodation THE ATTRACTION that everyone is gossiping about at the moment – when you consider that Hong Kong’s Mandarin is a favourite for service that rivals the Four Seasons in Bali that has probably the highest staff-to-guest ratio.

Being different is getting more difficult – some hospitality developers have tried putting in via gadgets such as Nespresso coffee machines in the bedrooms. Sandy Lane in Barbados went a step further by providing electric sheers and drapes to play with.

There’s a new development, soon to be launched, that will start to get folks talking – and it’s going to be the bedside telephone!  By utilising the coloured LCD display, the hotel’s managers will be able to promote the bar and leisure facilities subliminally – no waiting for the TV to be switched on – and hoping the guest tunes in to the services screen – NO, the XML-phone will show them their Daiquiri Sunrise together with the dialling code to order it – the Sauna or Spa with a glamorous model tempting you to the indulgence of luxuriating for an afternoon while London suffers the British weather with torrential rain.

Programming content into the XML-server delivers to all rooms at the time when they’ll be making their decisions on what to do.

The OfficeServ7000 hotel phone system leaves nothing out that any hotel manager requires from integration with front-of-house applications, call charging information, mobility solutions, hospitality-application and a selection of informative terminals for behind the scenes as well as in staffed areas such as the restaurant and bars.

TelephoneSystemsDirect has implemented hotel phone system projects from Blackpool to Llandudno, Cleveleys to Blackburn.  OfficeServ7030 can serve as a small hotel phone system with up to twenty extensions while for multi-floor hotels the top of the range OfficeServ7400 might be more appropriate.



Our wealth of expertise in implementing any hotel phone system is borne out by the years of support we’ve been giving to our hotel clients and the fact that we do save significantly on their annual telecoms bills through line rental and phone tariff packages.


0800 652 8052 connects you to our advisors to learn more about our hotel phone system and to be advised on reference sites.




phone systems london

phone_systems_londonThe QUESTION IS: WHAT do you want from phone systems for your office? phone systems london

If it’s only a matter of a few calls a week – to less than three people – then simply rent a single phone line from BT and use their services.  Far cheaper than going through the whole rigmarole of comparing like-for-like!

Today, the informational power that the Internet provides just can’t be disregarded when thinking about phone systems for any sized organisation.  There are applications that are aware of the caller’s identity and immediately pop the company’s web home page onto the answerer’s computer screen giving them an inside track on the conversation.  Start-up businesses will have owners that wish to speak to punters over the phone  early morning or during the evening….OK so they have a mobile….but equally by having a domestic extension through VoIP technology, that call can be recorded on the office’s voicemail system even though you’re speaking to them in your study!  Next day you can listen to what was said and take all the appropriate actions to impress the potential client. phone systems londonphone_systems_london_voip_phone


Unfortunately there is a huge web-based catalogue of phone systems.  Beware:  some of these have serious limitations on capacity – check it out – and when you do outgrow the unit you have purchased, you might be required to start afresh.  Choosing from a list of independently tested phone systems lets you select a product has been appraised against the opposition.  The next question is:  who are you purchasing your phone systems from?  It may be from a one-man-band who can install and perhaps maintain –think what happens when he’s on leave or possibly poorly – better to find dealers who have a team that can cover you effectively. phone systems london

phone_systems_london_platinumOur Platinum logo informs you that TelephoneSystemsDirect is a member of the Samsung’s elite club – here you’ll discover that this badge doesn’t mean steeper prices…far from it….DISCOUNTS of 25% on BEST BUY phone systems
(as recommended by What to Buy for Business magazine) for anyone: from the entry-level OfficeServ7030 all the way through the portfolio to the enterprise-class OfficeServ7400. phone systems london

Buying your phone systems from Telephone Systems Direct will prove to be a wise choice – pricewise and support-wise.  We’re also a holder of the prestigious SME Reseller of the Year trophy – there are not many suppliers that can claim that – we’ve 50% of our clientele within the M25 London boundary!

For your no-obligation quote on phone systems you’d be foolish not to dial 0800 652 8052. phone systems london

sip calls

sip_callsIn July 2011 you may be considering sip calls for your business.  BEWARE!

Telephone Systems Direct has experienced the introduction of many new technologies and sip calls are the latest.  Back in the 1990’s the advent of ISDN was a real transformation of the way we received our phone calls – now we knew who was ringing before we answered – that’s because calling line identity was given on the data circuit.  sip_services.pdf

If you are a firm running ISDN2, then perhaps today is not the right moment to go for sip calls, but if you have ISDN30 and Broadband then it could be commercially sensible to investigate in earnest.

The problem that we perceive with sip calls at the time this article is written, is that the public network isn’t up to the standard of most company LANs – i.e. it doesn’t all have the QOS (that’s quality of service) feature that prioritises voice over other traffic.  Speech has to happen in real-time otherwise it is meaningless.

sip_calls_-_platinumIt is possible to have your ADSL pipe routed into the global networks such that it does conform to Q O S to enable you to benefit from VoIP end-to-end and enjoy lower call charges.  sip_calls.pdf

When BT’s 21CN project has completed in the mid 2010’s then everyone will be benefitting from increased upload and download speeds.  In the meantime, you can chat to the advisors at TelephoneSystemsDirect on sip calls and telecom systems that can deliver them to your desk – ring 0800 652 8052.

sip providers

sip_providersThe main sip providers will be the likes of British Telecommunications, Cable and Wireless, and Gamma Telecom.


These sip providers have national networks for daily carrying billions of bytes of data through the UK – these are delivering Internet web pages, Video on Demand, as well as Voice-over-IP communications.  Very soon (that’s by 2016 at the latest count) every business and home in Great Britain is going to be deluged with offer from sip providers to take their SIP lines and services. 

Today, if you’re not in a major conurbation, the sip providers will totally ignore you, so you won’t be benefitting from the government’s aspirations to have high-speed internet to each house in the Kingdom – someday it will happen.

So when the sip providers do send me an invitation, do I accept it?  YES – because they should have trained up all their engineers by then and the infrastructure should be up and running – it’s then down to your economics – is it cheaper?

For businesses – ring 0800 652 8052 where the advisors of TelephoneSystemsDirect can give you their frank opinions about sip providers and tell you about the availability of sip compliant phone systems.  sip_systems.pdf

sip technologies

sip_technologiesToday sip technologies are transforming the way we are receiving our information, entertainment and most importantly, our communications.

These sip technologies are improving on the integrated services digital networks (ISDN) and broadband that we’ve depended on for the best part of ten years – YES – it really is only since the turn of the century that we have been using ADSL for browsing the Internet. That’s a whole kettle of fish! It’s a question and answer session on when we got Bluetooth, VoIP, Twitter, Facebook, 3G, and video on demand.

sip_technologies_-_platinumBT is trying to deliver sip technologies to every household and business in the UK as the primary objective of its twenty-first Century-Network project.  It is likely to last into the middle of the 2010’s before they complete it.  In the meantime you’ll be wondering if it’s time for you take advantage of these new sip technologies.  sip_technologies.pdf

By dialling 0800 652 8052 and speaking to the advisors at TelephoneSystemsDirect we can help you understand how sip technologies can be beneficial, and how to go about implementing them.

panasonic business phone systems

panasonic_business_phone_systemsThere’s no doubt about it that Panasonic business phone systems are good sellers.  When UK deregulation happened in the 1980’s Panasonic were quickly into the market with its A-series for the small to medium sized businesses, closely followed by the DBS for corporate installations – OK there were quite a few teething problems with these systems.

Today the Panasonic business phone systems have been transformed through technological advances with DECT, Wi-Fi, VoIP, integral voice mail and much more.  Today’s models are the KX-TDA15 and KX-TDA30;  the latest IP phone systems KX-NCP500 and KX-NCP1000 while the hybrid Panasonic business phone systems comprise the KX-TDE100, KX-TDE200 and KX-TDE600.  panasonic business phone systems.pdf

panasonic_business_phone_systems_-_DECTWhatever your requirements for telecoms then Telephone Systems Direct are available to chat to you and give you a frank assessment of what your best course of action is – we promise not to sell you something you don’t need.  If your current business phone system still has life in it we’ll tell you – should it be time to change then we will advise you of the alternatives.  One thing for certain at TelephoneSystemsDirect is that we won’t be beaten on prices.  We offer you 25% discounts up front – we do that because you phone us so we don’t require salesmen on the road – we keep our overheads down through efficient management – we serve our customers well – that’s why we have held the trophy for SME Reseller of the Year!

Call us on 0800 652 8052.

sip ip pbx

sip_ip_pbxToday the choice of ip pbx is enormous.  Choosing the best sip ip pbx for your organisation is quite a chore.  Hopefully at TelephoneSystemsDirect we can make your investigation far simpler.

sip ip pbx
Telephone Systems Direct has been in the telecoms industry since 1992 and invested heavily in updating its sales and technical staff in the “black magic art†of VoIP technology.  It’s true that implementing sip ip pbx needs the help of a magician’s wand at times!  You have to ensure that all the switches and routers in the network are a minimum of Layer 3 compliant; that the QOS feature is turned on in each; that a LAN audit is performed to identify all the potential bottlenecks that will occur when the voice traffic is added to the existing volume of packetized data.

sip ip pbx
As an SME Reseller of the Year trophy holder you can see our customers rated our performance, as it was purely their votes that we took us to achieve that award.  Our video testimonials give further insights into our clients’ thoughts about us.

sip ip pbx
The OfficeServ 7000 series of sip ip pbx (or voice-servers) is the back-bone of our success.  “What to Buy for Business†presented Samsung with the “GOOD VALUE†rating for two of the family members: the OS7030 and OS7400.  sip_ip_pbx.pdf

sip_ip_pbx_1 With our 25% discounts you can be sure that the OS7100 and OS7200 sip ip pbx’s rate as highly. 

 0800 652 8052 gets you in touch with us.

sip pbx

sip_pbxBefore you purchase any SIP PBX you need to be assured that it is future-proof.  If your SIP PBX products are from Samsung – the OfficeServ7000 range, you’ll be doing just that.   sip_pbx.pdf

The OfficeServ series are able to cope with SIP trunks as well as analogue and ISDN, so when BT’s 21CN project has been rolled out and the whole UK can benefit from Session Internet Protocol multi-media access you’ll be in a position to take advantage and reduce your line rental and calling costs by switching over to SIP.

With VoIP technologies these SIP PBX (phone systems) can be linked through SIP circuits to form a national network, or you can simple have home extensions utilising IP phones, cheaply!

Also, when you buy SIP PBX you want to achieve value for your hard-earned capital.  We appreciate that at Telephone Systems Direct and so we have decided to offer you a 25% discount off the manufacturer’s recommended retail prices when you ask for any SIP pbx solution from us.

Those are not the only reasons for SIP PBX implementation from TelephoneSystemsDirect.  We are a member of Samsung’s Platinum Partner club and a former holder of the SME Reseller of the Year trophy.  Include the fact that the OfficeServ7030 and OfficeServ7400 were rated as GOOD VALUE by “What to Buy for Business” magazine and you can see that SIP PBX solutions from ourselves will provide your business with the best in communications.

0800 652 8052 connects you to our team of advisors for more information on SIP PBX and support.

phone equipment dealer

phone_equipment_dealer1Searching for the right phone equipment dealer to meet your communications requirement just ended.  Now you’re reading this article as a result of your “phone equipment dealer†search phrase on the Internet let’s hope we can convince you that we are a phone equipment dealer worthy of making contact with.

Firstly the telecoms industry has its own awards which are influenced by each phone equipment dealer’s customers – they have to vote for you.  This resulted in Telephone Systems Direct being awarded the trophy for SME Reseller of the Year.

phone_equipment_dealerSecondly our prime phone equipment supplier has an accreditation scheme telling potential clients who they have put their faith with to protect their product’s brand image and their own name – because it’s that which gets bad press first.  At the bottom end there is the Authorised Service Partner, then Accredited Dealer and at the top Platinum Business Partners.  To achieve the maximum accolade a phone equipment dealer has to demonstrate its internal procedures can cope with technical problems quickly and efficiently; that its workforce all have appropriate training on the products and that it has demonstration facilities so businesses can see the phone equipment working.  Finally the phone equipment dealer has to carry a full complement of spares to support all models.

TelephoneSystemsDirect ticks all the boxes with Samsung and our DCS, iDCS and OfficeServ clientele across the length and breadth of the UK.  You can find out more about this phone equipment dealer by calling us on 0800 652 8052 today.    phone_equipment_dealer.pdf

ACD Phone Systems

ACD phone systems are up to date technology which incorporates Automatic Distribution. ACD phone systems can be very costly but with a Samsung Telecoms package we are able offer all of the essential features being full statistics on the number of calls received or abandoned.

acd_phone_systemsACD phone systems also gives you the stats on the longest time taken for an inbound call to be answered or the average amount, this can be used by a Supervisor to collect this data on either an agent individual or indeed a group of operators. ACD phone systems give this function on a designated key on a keyset. Agents can be logged in or out of groups automatically or manually on ACD phone systems.


Print outs can be sent to the printer via the same button. Add to this Wall Boards are a good tool for ACD phone systems as is PC based management software. We have served businesses with ACD phone systems and others since 1992.

Please phone 0800 652 8052 to speak to 1 of our experts about ACD phone systems. acd_phone_systems.pdf