polycom c100

Polycom_v700Polycom v700: A high quality conferencing solution for executive offices, doctors’ surgeries, or education resource rooms.

  • The Polycom v700 is ideal for the executive’s office or small meeting space accommodating up to 4 people.
  • Incredible video delivered by the latest in standards and technology
  • Superior audible performance with stereo microphones and speakers
  • Easily share data, videos and pictures with all conference participants
  • Stylish and compact video-conferencing system that provides excellent audio delivery

Summary of Polycom v700:
G.722.1 Annex C (based on Polycom Sirenâ„¢ 14)
Polycom StereoSurroundâ„¢
Audio & Video Error Concealment
Pro-Motion™ H.263 – Receive only

Calendar & Call Scheduler
Customizable Home Page
Dual Monitor Emulation
User Selectable Camera Icons
Integration with Microsoft® Live Communications Server (LCS) via SIP
Completely integrated
Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)
H.460 NAT/Firewall Traversal
E-Mail dialling format across IP security boundaries

Read the attached PDF for much more detail on the Polycom v700    Polycom_v700_features.pdf   Polycom_v700_technical.pdf

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polycom 501

polycom_501The Polycom SoundPoint IP501 is a 3-line desktop IP-telephone that utilizes Polycom’s Acoustic Clarity Technology.  polycom_501.pdf

The Polycom 501 is a three-line Voice-over-IP telephone that seamlessly integrates with PBX and Softswitch vendors’ solutions. As protocols develop and standards evolve, it’s easy to update the Polycom 501 in the field via a software download, updating feature functionality for the phone and protecting your investment. Whether you deploy MGCP or SIP, Polycom offers a solution that fits all your business communication needs.
Enhanced productivity.

The intuitive Polycom 501 user interface gives dedicated, one button access to common telephony features, and an information-rich graphical LCD display provides content for messaging, call information, directory records, and applications. Suitable for everyday users, the Polycom 501 delivers superb voice quality when used with a headset, handset or in hands-free speakerphone mode. Polycom industry-leading sound implemented in the Polycom 501 makes your client calls more efficient, because you will spend less time trying to understand what other people are saying, and more communicating with them.

To learn more about the Polycom 501 please contact TelephoneSystemsDirect on 0800 652 8052.

polycom 601

polycom_601The Polycom SoundPoint IP600/601 SIP phone is obsolete.  There are no new sales of the Polycom 601.

The Polycom 601 is a full-duplex, hands-free telephone running the industry standard Session Initiation Protocol. The Polycom 601 provides business telephony features and functions such as Multiple Call Appearances, Hold, Transfer, and Conference over an IP network.

Be sure that your LAN is prepared for configuring your Polycom 601 or consult the Administrator Guide attached for more information.

polycom 601.pdf

At TelephoneSystemsDirect we have ways and means of finding the elusive Polycom 601
so that those searching for them aren’t disappointed.  By calling us on 0800 652 8052 an advisor will chat to you to determine how many Polycom 601units you want or whether it’s just the extension modules providing additional indications you require.


soundpointSoundPoint: There are many Polycom telecom solutions for you to choose from starting with the favourite SoundStation2, then the SoundStation-VTX1000, the SoundStation-IP7000SIP/HD or the SoundPoint range. 

All the models of the SoundPoint family are built to high quality and the technological advances over previous generations give you one of the best conferencing experiences possible.

soundpoint_proWhatever your telephony requirement then SoundPoint portfolio will be able to provide a solution.  From the SoundPoint Pro SE to the SoundPoint ip560 or ip335 the catalogue seems endless.  IP phones and conference modules galore!  soundpoint.pdf

To acquire your SoundPoint at the keenest prices you need to dial 0800 652 8052 where the advisors at TelephoneSystemsDirect will listen to your requirements, then recommend which of the SoundPoint units is most suitable, then email you a quotation that you’ll find difficult to match elsewhere.

So don’t waste your time by trawling through countless more web pages searching for better pricing on SoundPoint model, just pick up your phone now and call us on 0800 652 8052.

conference call phone

conference_call_phoneThe phone on your desk will be a conference call phone!  Your business PABX will have conference call phone features allowing a number of people to participate in a teleconference with a customer or even connecting other external parties together.  conference_call_phone.pdf

conference_call_phone_aToday with SIP trunks and Broadband circuits the ip conference call phone is becoming a more common tool of many businesses.  You’ll discover that the older video conference call phones are being quickly replaced by application run on your PC.

conference_call_phone_bSo if you only need to be part of an audio conference then get your telecoms manager to programme the conference call phone feature button up for you.  On all Samsung DCS, iDCS and OfficeServ telephones the CONF key is already there.  It’s a “soft†function accessible using the soft-keys.  You can speak with up to 5 persones internally and two externally.  Now that SamsungElectronics have released their 24 way conference module your conference call phone can be included in conferences with the whole sales or design team’s regular weekly sessions!

conference_call_phone_c0800 652 8052 > TelephoneSystemsDirect > conference call phone solutions > LOW PRICES!

teleconferencing service

teleconferencing_serviceUsing a teleconferencing service makes sense if you need to communicate with distant parties infrequently.  In these cases you look up “teleconferencing service†in your local “Yellow Pages†or use a filter when browsing the internet.


A teleconferencing service will offer you a room equipped with audio and or video conferencing equipment.  You’ll have to supply the connection details of the people you wish to teleconference with.  Their techies will set it all up for you at the appointed time.


BUT, today with Broadband and SIP trunks and especially the price of teleconferencing service products being such good value for money, you’ll discover that investing in your very own teleconferencing service is a wise investment.  It’ll keep your teams in touch with each other much more frequently and save enormously on travel and hotel costs.


Telephone Systems Direct has a wealth of experience in creating business teleconferencing service solutions from Polycom, LifeSize and Samsung.  teleconferencing_service_bFrom peer-to-peer to meeting rooms these manufacturers deliver high quality teleconferencing service support.  teleconferencing_service.pdf

0800 652 8052 for more information on your very own teleconferencing service.

hd video conferencing

hd_video_conferencingIn today’s business world HD video conferencing is a must.  hd_video_conferencing.pdf

The most probable HD video conferencing solution you’ll discover will be from the HD video conferencing industry leaders Polycom and LifeSize.

These manufacturers of HD video conferencing solutions cover everything from personal TelePresence to multi-screen and multiple cameras and speakers for auditorium HD video conferencing systems.

hd_video_conferencing_aThe HD video conferencing products never stay still and are being constantly developed and improved.  Where HD video conferencing used to be conducted over ISDN phone lines using 2 channels, now it has migrated to Broadband or SIP trunks utilising flexible bandwidths dependant on the number of terminals connected at each end.

At Telephone Systems Direct we’ve been dealing in HD video conferencing, with the suppliers mentioned previously, for some considerable time so we can be of service to you with our knowledge and competitive prices.

0800 652 8052 > TelephoneSystemsDirect > HD video conferencing > LOW PRICES!

ip video conferencing

ip_video_conferencing_aToday ip video conferencing delivers so much more than ISDN video conferencing used to do.  With the increased bandwidths being delivered through SIP trunks it is so economic to own your own ip video conferencing equipment to keep your workforce in touch with their peers.  Your designers will benefit from ip video conferencing by being able to share thoughts online in high definition video without the expense of travelling huge distances and racking up hotel and travel costs.

The ip video conferencing products from Polycom, LifeSize and Samsung all deliver solutions that make an ip video conferencing session a good experience. There are ip video conferencing phones, ip video conferencing software applications, ip video conferencing packages for personal, meeting and TelePresence available. Find the ip video conferencing model to suit your purse through Telephone Systems Direct.  ip_video_conferencing.pdf


0800 652 8052 connects you to the TelephoneSystemsDirect advisors who can chat to you about which ip video conferencing product is right and quote you for it with unbeatable prices.

call conference video

call_conference_videoA call conference video will offer you the facilities that you don’t get with purely audio connections.  You can see facial expressions and with todays’ Broadband and SIP trunks and especially the price of call conference video products being such good value for money, you’ll discover that investing in your very own call conference video is a wise investment.  call_conference_video.pdf

call_conference_video_aIt’ll keep your teams in touch with each other much more frequently and save enormously on travel and hotel costs.  Use it daily for updates on developments – obviously talking between the UK & the Far East needs early or late sessions, but these are well worth the effort!

call_conference_video_bTelephone Systems Direct has a wealth of experience in creating business call conference video solutions from Polycom, LifeSize and Samsung.  From meeting rooms to peer-to-peer conferences these manufacturers deliver high quality call conference video platforms.

0800 652 8052 for more information on your very own call conference video solution.

cheap conference call

cheap_conference_callTelephoneSystemsDirect delivers your cheap conference call!

Quite a statement to make!  Well, with BEST BUY OfficeServ7000 phone systems (Ref: What to Buy for Business magazine) and handsets with 25% discounts and low-cost line rentals plus the appropriate call tariffs then we can ensure you have a cheap conference call.  cheap_conference_call.pdf

We don’t mind whether your cheap conference call requirement is audio only or scopes video conferencing.  With Audio-Video products from the likes of Polycom and LifeSize as well as Samsung, the capital outlay to allow the cheap conference call is within each business’s purse.

cheap_conference_call_aAt Telephone Systems Direct we’ll chat to you on 0800 652 8052 about cheap conference call solutions and how to implement them.  So, please stop browsing through thousands of internet pages (YES there will be that many) on your search: “cheap conference callâ€, and call us – it’s FREE – we’ll even demonstrate a cheap VoIP conference call while you’re on!

We’re very frank when it comes down to telephony.  There might be a solution that doesn’t cost you anything – it’s just finding the right person that will tell you the truth! 

 We will!