Telephone System Installation

telephone_system_installationONLY £40 a point

A telephone system installation should not be like the picture to the left! This will leave you in tears.

Providing telephone system installation services is what TelephoneSystemsDirect has been doing since 1992. We’ve provided telephone system installation for thousands of clients across the UK, from Aberdeen to Aylesford and Norwich to Plymouth.

We take telephone system installation seriously.  Firstly we arrange a pre-installation meeting at which our project manager sits down with you to list all extension users and the type of handset they’ll be using, then each of your lines (and numbers) to determine where calls are delivered, and then what happens if there’s no reply. We do this so that the telephone system installation engineer doesn’t keep pestering you on the date of the telephone system installation, but more importantly to get you thinking about how everybody operates and the features and facilities they need. We also deal with any software applications and on whose PCs they’ll be installed on.

telephone-system-installation_platinumOn the day of the telephone system installation we’ll arrive early and ensure your down-time is kept to a minimum. Where you’re swapping from another system the each person will have two telephones for a while before we swap over.

0800 652 8052 puts you in touch with telephone system installation professionals that will re-install your old or new Samsung system.

New Telephone Systems

New_Telephone_SystemsHere at Telephone Systems Direct we have loads of new telephone systems and the range to transform your business.  These award-winning telephone systems do give you an edge whether you’re a start-up firm or an organisation with branches scattered across the country.  The power of VoIP connectivity allows free calls between sites and home workers.

From the entry-level OfficeServ7030, through the OfficeServ7100 and OfficeServ7200, to the Enterprise Class OfficeServ7400 there is a common feature set and a choice of twenty handset styles including basic TDM, colour screen LCD IP, DECT & Wi-Fi terminals.

OfficeServ_Telephone_Systems Brochure

Video Demonstration >>>>

Adding in the functionality that the software applications deliver shows why “What to Buy for Business” magazine thought that their BEST BUY accolade was pertinent for these Samsung masterpieces.

But why should you use TelephoneSystemsDirect to supply your OfficeServ7000 series telephone systems?

Platinum accreditation is certainly something that assures you of excellence in our service to you, but probably it’s the
25% discounts that will persuade you that you’ll be getting the same products and services but with better value-for-you-money than elsewhere.

Check out the links for more info on each topic…or ring us FREE or produce yourself an online quote.
View our video demo suite for more information, then call us on 0800 652 8052

Telephone System Maintenance

Telephone_System_MaintenanceThe word you need to see when searching for telephone systems maintenance is “PLATINUMâ€.

This tells you that the telephone systems maintainer has impressed their manufacturer with their processes and procedures as well as having all their technical team fully trained on the products they deal with.

In Samsung’s case this meant attending two 5-day courses BEFORE being allowed to learn about the OfficeServ7000 series.  That ensured they are aware of the foibles of voice-over-IP technology and the intricacies of Microsoft Windows Server implementations.

However, our engineers cover the DCS and iDCS in addition to OfficeServ telephone systems.  They visit all corners of the UK, from Scotland to Cornwall, Welsh Wales to the shores of the North Sea.

Should you have a DCS408, DCS816, DCS-Compact, DCS-Compact-II, DCS-ViP, iDCS100, iDCS500, OfficeServ100, OfficeServ500, or any of the OfficeServ7000-series telephone systems, then speak to us on 0800 652 8052 so that we can quote you on 1, 3 and 5 year support.  With these extended periods, we hold our prices to you, so you do gain in more ways than one!


That’s 0800 652 8052 for telephone systems MAINTENANCE with platinum accreditation.

Lines and Calls


Lines_Minuteslines-minutesWe all want Cheaper Calls for our business. Cheap calls shouldn’t mean poor service nor billing which isn’t transparent.

We pride ourselves on giving our clients
good advice on value-for-money lines and minutes.

From analogue and ISDN to SIP trunks and
landlines to cellular connectivity we have the expertise to advise you frankly.

WHY PAY BT rates?

Wouldn’t you prefer 1.0 pence per minute, or less?

How can you be certain our recommendation is right for you?  We itemise your traffic profile with your current provider to identify local, local-rate, national, national-rate, international & mobile volumes & durations. Not always that easy, we’ve found! When we have the data, we’ll show you how the rates compare on each route and clearly define your potential annual cost reduction with our suggested lines minutes tariffs; if there is none, we will tell you.

This is one of the reasons behind our being voted SME Reseller of the Year. Together with our Samsung Platinum Business Partner status, you’re assured of quality support services.

Why not ask Telephone Systems Direct to analyse your latest bill. You may be quite pleasantly surprised and save on your comms expenditure.
0800 652 8052
is the number to phone regarding lines and minutes.


Relocate A Telephone System

If you wish to relocate a telephone system then phone 0800 652 8052 and speak to one of our experienced team of telecoms professionals.
How NOT TO relocate a telephone system >>>>

We specialise in the supply and support of Samsung telephone systems but in certain instances will handle any manufacturer’s product.  Call us to find out.

The major complexity to relocating telephone systems to other premises is that of organising the lines.  Just leave that to us.  We’re involved in providing new or having trunks relocated nearly every week of the year – it’s what we’re good at.


Cabling your extensions when you relocate a telephone system has a cost so you need to decide whether to go on the CW1308, CAT5 or CAT6 route.  Each has its pros and cons.  Discus with us on 0800 652 8052.

We help companies with telephone system relocations throughout the UK with DCS, DCS-Compact, DCS-Compact-II, DCS408, DCS816, iDCS100, iDCS500, OfficeServ100, OfficeServ500 and the more recent OfficeServ7030, OfficeServ7100, OfficeServ7200 and OfficeServ7400.  We’ll sit down with you to plan the reprogramming that will be implemented on the day you move and then our trainers can perform minor tweaks later if you discover it wasn’t quite right.

So to relocate a telephone system – just dial 0800 652 8052.

Expand A Current System


25% DISCOUNTS on most parts

To expand a current system whether it be an OfficeServ, iDCS or older DCS phone system, then Telephone Systems Direct has the skill, experience, workforce and stock to deliver wherever you are in the UK mainland (& some islands!).

As a Samsung Platinum Business Partner we have a duty to our customers to maintain a level of spares for all the types of system we have under our national maintenance cover.  This includes DCS-Compact, DCS-Compact-II, DCS408, DCS816, DCS-ViP, iDCS100, iDCS500, OfficeServ12, OfficeServ100, OfficeServ500 and any of the OfficeServ7000 series.  Expand_A_Current_System.pdf

Expand_A_Current_SystemBy contacting TelephoneSystemsDirect on 0800 652 8052 you’ll be swiftly connected to our experienced telecoms advisors who can tell you what is required to expand a current system to meet your requirements.

Adding extensions through structured cabling is straightforward and if additional extension wiring is needed then we can provide those services too including surface containment.

However, don’t be surprised if we suggest upgrading the central processor.  We might do this if we perceive that a marginal expenditure, over and above the cost to expand a current system, may improve your functionality by far more than you’d expect.  (You’ll be able to use all your existing handsets as they’ll be compatible with any OfficeServ-7000 models.)  Telling you all the options is important so you can make an informed decision.


phonesystemsadd Add-ons for your phone systems will be discounted on an ongoing basis. As your company expands or adds functionality you will not be paying the retail prices that comms suppliers usually charge. Most components attract the same 25%. Discounts on call recording software are at 15% due to slimmer margins.

phone systems installationYour phone systems installation can be anywhere in the UK excluding NI. The largest number of our telephone system deployments are installed in London and the South East but we do have installations in The Channel Islands, Isle of Wight and the Isle of Man. Your telecoms engineer will actually be deployed from our Northern base. It is our national coverage that means our telecommunications engineers are never too far away for those future moves and changes.

phone systems maintenanceYour phone systems maintenance and support agreement is directly with us. You can rest easy in knowing that we have been maintaining Samsung phone systems since 1992. We won Samsung Platinum Maintainer status in 2002. All parts are physically held in stock to guarantee you a speedier response in the event of a failure.

cat5e structured cabling networksCat5e structured cabling networks are implemented by our own data cable installers. You will know that your network is implemented to the correct standards. Containment, where appropriate, is included at a fixed rate per point.

green minutesYour solution for calls and line rental will save your organisation and give you England based staff for any billing enquiries. Your enquiry is answered by human beings rather than an automated attendant, so you won’t be stuck in a call queuing system. Collectively, our customers spend millions of pounds a year so we have the leverage to get things done quickly for even the smallest of businesses.

leased linesYour leased lines for data, VoIP and MPLS can be booked via ourselves. This keeps your management time to a minimum and gives you one place to contact when reporting faults or increasing capacity.

phone systems trainingPhone system training for users and administrator is headed up by the MD’s wife. Your trainer will be experienced and Samsung qualified as well as boasting much experience whilst performing work for other Samsung installers.