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The enterprise class OfficeServ7400 is the largest of the OfficeServ 7000 portfolio of telephone systems. The OfficeServ7400 is the perfect choice as the hub of an Organisation’s communications network. The OfficeServ7400 is a modular system that allows multiple sites of an Organisation to be linked together through VoIP technology.100_-_500_Extensions

With its wide range of functions and terminals, the OfficeServ7400 is an award-winning PABX (GOOD VALUE – ref: What to Buy for Business magazine) developed by Samsung and distributed worldwide. The OfficeServ7400 features as one of the most advanced PBXs and with the extensive number of software applications the 7400 offers so much functionality.

The OfficeServ7400 provides for home workers and mobile employees with MOBEX, Softphone and the SMT-i5000 series of IP-handsets. This enables staff to work effectively wherever they are resulting in reducing costs and improve control of the workforce.


The OfficeServ7400 is a fully converged IP solution with secure voice and data services being delivered where there is IP-connectivity. It is configurable with TDM extensions or as a hybrid implementation – it’s that flexible!

For more information about the OfficeServ7400, please contact us on 0800 652 8052. Our experienced Sales team can assist with any enquiry you may have, whether it be for maintenance support or for a call cost review where annual savings are usually identified.

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Demo Videos

Demonstration videos – Please watch these from left to right

Tiltable LCD (so that it doesn’t catch the light) Context sensitive keys (for ease of use) CallBack (ring-back when free on busy) Alpha-numeric keypad Dial by name (from the memory)

Live keypad (means less keys to press) Volume key 8 ringtones Redial key (last 10 number redial) Conferencing (to make conference calls) CLI tagging (to show the name of inbound callers) DDI tagging (to show the purpose of the caller)

Transferring calls One touch transfer (means less keys to press) DSS keys (for one touch station select) Hold key Exclusive Hold

Speaker key (for hands-free calls) Clip key (to review up to last 50 caller IDs) Directory Key (for dialling by name)

Pick-up key (for picking up other extensions’ calls) Page key (to make tannoy announcements) Voicemail Key (for accessing your mailbox) Automated attendant (for automatically answering callers) Call Queuing (to play messages in the queue) Voice-mail Cascading (to advise of old messages) Call Recording (to real-time record a call) E-mail gatway (for voicemail to eMAIL)

Ring Groups (to determine which extenions ring) Circular groups (to evenly distribute inbound calls) Wrap-up time (to allow agents time to complete a call) Auto Log-out (to knock unanwered agents out of the group) Sequential ring groups (to give calls agent priority) Unconditional ring groups (to make all phones ring) Over-flow groups.

ACD (automatic call distribution) UCD (Uniform call distribution) Supervisor Key Call stats Longest ringing Number of calls queuing Abandoned calls Longest queuing now or today Number of calls received Average time in queue in/out of group agent log-n Calls received per agent Average call time average ring time print & clear

Barge-in (for the silent monitoring of calls) on your telephone system

Auto Answer Internal Calls Hands-free answer back internal Forced answer Splash calls

Large display keyphone 21 button LCD phone with add-on module 38 button LCD phone 14 button navigation 14 Button LCD 7 Button LCD standard key phone

Samsung Platinum Partners Samsung Platinum maintenance Minimum Samsung comms parts stock holding (service spares) Processes of Samsung telephony maintainer Communications test equipment

Tri-colour LED

Samsung business phone system cordless solution from Plantronics. This wireless headset solution includes handset lifter and is compatible with phones from most telephony manufacturers. DECT reviews Lightweight Plantronics CS60 Headset HL10 Phone handset lifter Cordless phones for digital systems

Samsung Call Management software application Call analysis Inbound calls Outbound call monitoring Longest ringing Longest call

Samsung Call Management software application Call analysis Inbound calls Outbound call monitoring Longest ringing Longest call Running reports Dashboard detailed reports by cost centre By department By Division By extensions Costliest calls of the day DDI reports Calls offered or answered Line utilisation Call answering times Longest or average Voice Recording (CMS VR) e-mail gateway playing calls play function Automated email reports Conversation recorder Non-editable file format Financial services Medical doctors triage advice by phone