cheap conference call

cheap_conference_callTelephoneSystemsDirect delivers your cheap conference call!

Quite a statement to make!  Well, with BEST BUY OfficeServ7000 phone systems (Ref: What to Buy for Business magazine) and handsets with 25% discounts and low-cost line rentals plus the appropriate call tariffs then we can ensure you have a cheap conference call.  cheap_conference_call.pdf

We don’t mind whether your cheap conference call requirement is audio only or scopes video conferencing.  With Audio-Video products from the likes of Polycom and LifeSize as well as Samsung, the capital outlay to allow the cheap conference call is within each business’s purse.

cheap_conference_call_aAt Telephone Systems Direct we’ll chat to you on 0800 652 8052 about cheap conference call solutions and how to implement them.  So, please stop browsing through thousands of internet pages (YES there will be that many) on your search: “cheap conference callâ€, and call us – it’s FREE – we’ll even demonstrate a cheap VoIP conference call while you’re on!

We’re very frank when it comes down to telephony.  There might be a solution that doesn’t cost you anything – it’s just finding the right person that will tell you the truth! 

 We will!

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