cheap cordless phone

cheap_cordless_phoneThe term “cheap cordless phone†is relativistic!  A cheap cordless phone to you is not to someone else.

At home a cheap cordless phone comes in at less than £20 whereas in business it’s probably nearer to £30.

There’s one thing for certain though, you’ll get a cheap cordless phone at Telephone Systems Direct no matter if you’re a private individual or a global enterprise.  By ringing 0800 652 8052 you’ll be able to tell our advisors what you want and they’ll identify the cheap cordless phone that’s most applicable to your needs.

cheap_cordless_phone_aOK we’re not going to beat the cheap cordless phone price that you’ll see in the local market or High Street, but these will come from manufacturers that are well respected such as Panasonic, Samsung and Siemens.  cheap_cordless_phone.pdf

We’ll give you a choice of cheap cordless phone technology: DECT or Wi-Fi and for businesses, the 25% Discounts we offer with OfficeServ7000 solutions buys you much more functionality.

0800 652 8052 for cheap cordless phone models.

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