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A cheap voip phone is only a click or phone call away now you’re reading this article from TelephoneSystemsDirect.  Browse through our on line store where you’ll discover cheap voip phone models as well as more pricey ones from a number of manufacturers.

Our real speciality is cheap voip phone solutions rather than the individual cheap voip phone.  With the OfficeServ7030 (GOOD VALUE – according to What to Buy for Business magazine) entry level (cheap) voip phone system we’re succeeding with many different types of business throughout the UK.  From schools to solicitors, motor traders to quick food outlets.


Having a cheap voip phone is no good if the voip service doesn’t deliver the quality of speech you were expecting.  Within your own office and wide area network getting that isn’t too difficult, providing you have layer 3 switches and routers with QOS turned on and you don’t have any potential data bottlenecks.  (We can help you find those).  However, voip comms across the internet do not guarantee flawless conversations.  OK frequently they’ll be acceptable, but then they can be awful when traffic levels rise at particular times in the day.  That’s why you need us to install a cheap voip phone solution that works.  It will be cheap as we offer 25% discounts off manufacturer’s RRP.

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