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cisco_headsetsIt is important to note that Cisco utilise third part headsets with its products.

Cisco issue the following warning:

While Cisco does perform basic tests on third-party headsets and handsets for use with the Cisco IP Communicator, it is ultimately the customer’s responsibility to test this equipment in their own environment to determine suitable performance. Due to the many inherent environmental and hardware inconsistencies in the locations where Cisco headsets are deployed, there is not a single “best” solution that is optimal for all environments.
Before customers begin deploying solutions (especially deployment in quantity) in their production network, Cisco recommends thorough testing at the customer site to check for voice quality issues, specifically hum and echo.
The primary reason that support of a headset or handset would be inappropriate for an installation is the potential for an audible humming. This can either be heard by the other party or by both parties. Causes for this range from lighting near the PC to the PC’s power pack. In some cases, a buzz experienced by a user plugged directly into the computer’s Universal Serial Bus port may be minimised or eliminated by using a powered USB hub.
In some instances, the mechanics or electronics of various headsets can cause people to hear themselves faintly echoing. The Cisco headsets wearer might not be aware of this.
Finally, some analogue headsets do not match the electrical characteristics for which some soundcards are designed. The microphones on such headsets are frequently too sensitive, even when the input level in product is reduced to its lowest values.

So ask yourself whether to accept Cisco headsets or to seek advice from another reputable source such as TelephoneSystemsDirect. 


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