Clever Ways To Use Video Training


Video training is becoming really popular online. It used to be something reserved to schools and training companies, but now with sites like YouTube, people realized that there’s no training material available for free to everyone. Whether you want to enhance your own skills, or if you own a business and you want your employees to be trained, then you no longer have to pay large fees to enroll in an evening class, and instead you can use free video training material that you can find online. And, if you own a web site, you can use that material in some clever ways.


One such way is to enhance your existing products. For example, if you sell phone equipment or accessories, then why not provide free telephone systems training on your site, so that potential customers get something extra when they buy from you. Thanks to the embed function, you can use already existing YouTube videos, and harness their power to increase your own sales. Meanwhile, the owner of these videos get more views, so it’s a win-win situation for both parties. And in this particular case, this is training that anyone who runs a marketing staff really needs, so it’s a good series to use, and because they are well produced, they enhance your own site as well. Never go for low quality videos, because it just shows you haven’t found better ones by yourself. Thanks to good lighting, good presentation and a well spoken speaker, you can really show top quality videos on your site.

Another good use for training videos is to make a compilation and sell that. For example, you could have a training site that offers all sorts of courses. Then, to add to these classes, you can provide free training videos like the ones above. This is an added value for your own students, and doesn’t cost you anything more in time or money to produce them, since you simply harness the power of YouTube and other online video sites. Finally, these can be really useful to teach yourself or your own employees. In the case of telephone training, almost every business has sales people or customer service staff that has to answer phone calls. Small details like being attentive, being prepared for questions outside your script, or being able to listen even when trying to give a sales pitch, are key to success with phone based business. So you can go through them and teach yourself a thing or two.

There’s really no limit as to how many training videos you can watch. They are all free, available online through YouTube or other sites, and you can learn so much, things that in the past you would need to pay a lot of money in order to have someone come in and teach you personally, but now you can learn online. So don’t wait, and take advantage of these videos right now.

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