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The OfficeServ SIP Client is an ideal solution for travelling personnel.

A very cost effective tool for the worker in a location with broadband access, using the sip client, all calls made will be outbound from the home office lines whether the hotel is in Bolton or Bangalore. So instead of running up a large motel phone-bill or a mobile phonebill you’ll only be paying for the internet session.

The OS sip client can be a standalone phone residing on your PC or PDA or you can use it in conjunction with other Office-Serv software, such as OfficeServ-Communicator allowing you to screen pop and dial directly from MS Outlook.  client_sip.pdf

client_sipThe sip client utilises standard VoIP technology for the transmission of speech, choosing from a selection of Codecs for the best possible voice quality depending on network conditions, the control of the sip client uses Samsung’s proprietary protocol based on the sip standards; this enables the feature rich functionality users have come to take for granted with system phones.

For more information on sip client or a quote just ring TelephoneSystemsDirect on 0800 652 8052.

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