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At TelephoneSystemsDirect we have the communication systems for you.  They are not common or garden communication systems; no, they are award winners!  They are the OfficeServ7000 series from communication leader Samsung Electronics.  communication_systems.pdf

communication_systemsThe OfficeServ7200 was the first of these VoIP enabled communication systems into the market to replace the older iDCS and DCS ranges.  It was soon followed by the top model, the OfficeServ7400 (our headquarters communication systems).  The OfficeServ7100 came in next to target the sub 50 extension marketplace and then finally in 2009 the OfficeServ7030 entry level communication systems arrived.  This tackles very small configurations at a basement price, but can grow to cover up to twenty extensions and eight trunks.

With a wide selection of TDM, IP, Wi-Fi & DECT handsets your staff will have the desk or pocket device to make their communications effective at a cost you’ll find compelling.

We are a Platinum dealership for this Korean manufacturer but even with our high class services we discount these products heavily (25%) so that you can purchase more for your budget.

Call us today on 0800 652 8052 to learn more about these communication systems and our support.

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