communications cabling

communications_cablingEverything’s relative in communications cabling!  From a single pair of CW1308 to an under-sea fibre cable bundle – that doesn’t include virtual cabling between the Earth and the thousands of communications satellites circling us.

In general the communications cabling we see every day are drop wires from telephone poles to homes.  For businesses communications cabling is a cost that the FD never wants to pay – that’s other than for his phone and PC (sorry to use the masculine form here – there are many female Finance Directors)

CAT5e communications cabling forms the backbone of most structured cabling systems.  For those firms requiring Gigabit speeds for their applications then you’ll need CAT6 communications cabling.  Fibre-Optic communications cabling is utilised for connecting LAN segments together over distances over 100 metres.  This is also used to the desk where security of the business data is of paramount importance – copper communications cabling radiates so signals can be scanned by radio receivers by those willing to steal commercial secrets.  communications_cabling.pdf

At TelephoneSystemsDirect we install communications cabling for organisations large and small– mainly CAT5e-CAT6 in newer offices to link the voice system & computer servers to deskbound terminals.

0800 652 8052 connects you to our advisors for a frank chat about communications cabling.

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