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When we use the term “compare phone Polycom” there are a number of areas to research: namely phone mobility with DECT and WiFi then we have to look at both Audio and Video conferencing.

compare_phone_polycom_dcompare phone: Polycom DECT5020 – at TelephoneSystemsDirect we can offer this (Samsung badged) at 25% discount – explore our online shop…..compare_phone_polycom.pdf

compare phone: Polycom Spectralink – is the 802.11a/b/g Wi-Fi solution The Polycom SpectraLink 8020 Wireless Telephone is designed for users across a wide range of industries. With a lightweight yet rugged design and extensive feature support, the SpectraLink8020 meets the needs of general office and management staff while also providing a reliable option for front-line personnel in high-use environments.

compare_phone_polycom_bcompare phone: Polycom SoundStation 2, VTX, IP5000, IP6000, IP7000…an excellent choice of analogue or IP devices for your meeting rooms…..

compare_phone_polycom_ecompare phone: Polycom VVX 1500DD ….this is the personal video-phone which you might like to compare to software applications such as the OfficeServ-Communicator if you have an OfficeServ7000 already installed.

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