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CTI: Computer Telephony Integration is what it stands for.

Computer_Telephony_IntegrationSo what will computer telephony integration do for me you ask?  It is the means to harness the power of your telephone or communications system with your other computer bound applications.


Computer_Telephony_Integration_25Computer Telephony Integration can recognise the inbound CLI of a caller ringing up your sales department to order new products when they haven’t paid your last invoice!  So instead of delivering the call to the salesman, it first identifies a free credit controller, pops their record on to their screen, then rings the phone so that the outstanding bill can be discussed prior to increasing the client’s debt to you.  Clever, or what?

Outbound dialling from MS Outlook is a a usueful application.  OfficeServ Contact Centre is an example of this computer telephony integration as is OS Connect .

Computer_Telephony_Integration_platAt TelephoneSystemsDirect we can help you with the full computer telephony integration solutions for your OfficeServ7000 series telephony servers including OfficeServ-Communicator, OfficeServ-Connect, OfficeServ-Contact-Centre and OfficeServ-IP-UMS.

0800 652 8052 puts you in touch with an advisor to discuss computer telephony integration.

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