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computer_cablingThe computer cabling to an IBM AT was, to be frank, archaic!  Yes, the author of this article about computer cabling is grey haired and remembers his days with the first real PCs like the XT and research models HP64000.  The computer cabling linking these devices to the mainframe computer was thick, black, heavily screened and took ages to wire up to the 25-way D-Type connector using a soldering iron.

Today’s computer cabling has moved on significantly to be virtually invisible – that’s Wi-Fi computer cabling – this is somewhat different to physical CAT5, CAT5e, CAT6 or single multi-mode fibre optic computer cabling.  Each of these types of computer cabling has its uses although CAT 5 in no longer installed as 5e has superseded it.  computer_cabling.pdf

At TelephoneSystemsDirect we install structured computer cabling into offices to carry voice as well as data.  No job is too small, or large.  Our prices for computer cabling are cheaper than most as we include the cost of the cable, patch panels, leads and mini-trunking in our price-per-point, where others don’t.

To chat about computer cabling ring Les on 0800 652 8052.

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