computer network cable

computer_network_cableToday’s computer network cable is nothing like the computer network cable that the author used to know back in the 1980’s.  Then the computer network cable was thick and black; heavily screened; connected with 25 way D-Type connectors.  All computer network cable installations were unique because they were spider linked from the computer room to individual desks.

Today the computer network cable is inevitably CAT5 or CAT5e (some will have CAT6).  This computer network cable is sufficient for most businesses delivering gigabit speeds over distances up to 100m from the central comms cabinet.

The computer network cable also carries voice as well as data in structured cabling systems.  The outlets for computer network cable are invariably RJ45 on either dual or quad faceplates.  Where speed really is essential then fibre optic computer network cable may be installed to every desk.  Quite expensive – and very specialised.

TelephoneSystemsDirect excels in quality communications solutions to companies large and small throughout the UK.  We install BEST BUY phone servers in traditional TDM or up-to-date VoIP formats.  Cabling single points to a green-field site – our technicians supply value-for-money computer network cable implementations.  computer_network_cable.pdf

For more information on our computer network cable capabilities – speak to Tony or Les on 0800 652 8052.

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