computer wiring

computer_wiringIf you’re getting on like the writer you’ll remember the office computer wiring was black, thick, heavy, co-ax cable with twenty-five way “D†type connectors terminating on a wooden board that the Operations Manager had knocked up – ‘cause he knew what he was doingâ€

Today computer wiring is “old hatâ€.  The majority of it will be CAT5 with the latest being CAT5e computer wiring or even CAT6.  All of these are forms of structured cabling.  Essentially a wiring system that it independent of what’s connected to it.  It therefore carrier phone signals as well as computer data at frequencies in excess of GigaBit speeds.  computer_wiring.pdf

For computer wiring you’ll see faceplates on the walls, in floor boxes or on dado trunking with one, two or four RJ45 outlets.  In the comms room there will be a patching panel linking the servers and telephone systems to the users.

Having a building wired up with computer wiring really should be performed by engineers who have been certified to do it.  Electrical contractors will want to do this as part of their contract – just check out they have the certification – otherwise it might not be installed correctly and you won’t get the performance guarantee.

If you are fitting out premises with phones and computer wiring – ring TelephoneSystemsDirect on 0800 652 8052.  You’ll find we can offer you an excellent deal on your communications and wiring.

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