conference call phones

The phones on your desk will be conference call phones!  Your business PABX will have conference call phones’ features allowing people to participate in a teleconference with a customer or even connecting other external parties together in a multi-party conference.  conference_call_phones.pdf


Today with SIP trunks and Broadband circuits, ip conference call phones are becoming more common tools of many businesses.  You’ll discover that the older video conference call phones are being replaced by application run on your PC.

conference_call_phones_bconference_call_phones_aSo if you need to be part of an audio conference then get your telecom administrator to programme the conference call phones feature button up for you. 
On all Samsung DCS, iDCS and OfficeServ telephones the CONF key is already there.  It’s a one of the “soft-keysâ€.  You can speak with up to five persons internally and two externally.  SamsungElectronics recently released their 24 way conferencing module which means that your conference call phones can be included in conferences with the whole sales team’s regular weekly sessions!

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