Conference Phone


The phone on your desk will be a conference phone!  Your business’s PABX will have conference phone facilities and Conference_Phone_25features.

At home your laptop is a video conference phone – possibly using MS Windows Live or SKYPE, etc…..

Today’s SIP trunks and Broadband circuits have made the VoIP conference phone a much more common tool of businesses and individuals.  You’ll find that the ISDN videoconference phone has been replaced by software applications run on your PC, such as the OfficeServ-Communicator.


Conference_PhoneIn meetings you’ll have used a Polycom SoundStation2 conference phone in all probability if you’re as old as the writer of this article.  Today it’ll be an IP derivative model!

So if you need to be part of a conference then get your telecoms administrator to programme the conference phone feature button up for you.  On any Samsung DCS, iDCS and OfficeServ phones the CONF key is already there.  Use the “soft-keys†under the LCD screen.

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