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conferencing_softwareThe latest conferencing software comes from Samsung – called OfficeServ-Communicator.

OS-Communicator is an integrated conferencing software application able to bring together voice,  video and instant messaging communications. It also adds administration functions to allow you to personalise your handset.  conferencing_software.pdf

Video conferencing is rapidly becoming as important as speech. With the OfficeServ Communicator, creating a videoconference is as simple as setting up a voicecall.  If you have a web cam attached to your PC, this conferencing software will make a call to a similarly equipped terminal and sessions are automatically set up. There is even the option to extend this to a video-conference, just by clicking your mouse on a pre-programmed conferee list and the other people you want to join are added to your session. With the touch of a button the recording feature allows you to recall what has been discussed at the meeting.

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