Answer_MachineHere at Telephone Systems Direct we feel that an Answer Machine is an absolute must particularly for the Home Worker or smaller business. It is a less expensive option than Voice Mail and although you do not have the huge choice of benefits that VM offers an Answer Machine does have the basics like recording; saving or deleting an inbound calls, which any contact with a company for instance, is crucial.  Answer_Machine.pdf

BT and other carriers offer a External Answer Machine service but unlike an Answer Machine you are not fully in control of your system as these and are held externally to your phone. An Answer Machine requires no fiddly tape as the newer style digital Answer Machine has the ability to store messages on its hard drive which now gives greater storage capacity. The up to date designs means that there is a large range.

Which Answer Machine is right for you? To help you decide please contact us on 0800 652 8052……Answer_Machine_plat

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