corded phone headset

corded_phone_headsetFor corded phone headset solutions ring 0800 652 8052. 

corded_phone_headset_DECTWe have corded phone headset products from leading manufacturers including:

GN Netcom (Jabra)
and many more……

Your corded phone headset while being cheaper than a wireless phone headset does not offer you the same freedom unless the cables are extremely long…..then one supposes the “health & safety gang†would be on your tail!  corded_phone_headset.pdf

A corded phone headset is ideal for call centres and guys and gals who are always on the phone at their desk.  Choosing a monaural or binaural, with or without noise cancelling, over-the-head or under-the-chin, or possibly intra-aural is a matter of personal taste for the wearer. corded_phone_headset_HS1110 If you’re the buyer of multiple headsets, don’t force a single model on everyone – give them a choice of three or four – be human!  The marginal difference in cost will pay for itself in increased efficiency.

For supervisors and managers who need to move round the office – buy them a cordless – they are really effective.

Buying your corded phone headset from TelephoneSystemsDirect by ringing 0800 652 8052 will save you pounds.

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