corded phones

corded_phonesAt Telephone Systems Direct we have hundreds of corded phones.  These corded phones come from manufacturers as from BT to Binatone, Samsung to Siemens, Panasonic, Geemark & MyBelle…….

It’s unusual for a corded phones to have answer-phone functionality.  Our OfficeServ 7030 entry-level telephone system gives each user a choice of corded phones as well as fully featured voicemail.  From the old Euro models to the latest SMTi3100 and 5200 series. There is Wi-Fi and VoIP technology so that you can work at home – being connected seamlessly to the office through the Internet utilising existing broadband circuits.  corded_phones.pdf

corded_phones_BTFor more information on corded phones and solutions please dial us free on 0800 652 8052.

TelephoneSystemsDirect – has been around since 1992 – we provide an umbrella of telephony services to the UK business community and cheaper products for domestic users. Our engineers sort out problems with your corded phones in seconds through a few simple questions – so long as you have the right answers!!!!

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