Corded Telephone Answering Machines

It’s said that corded telephone answering machines are the poor man’s voice mail.

That’s partially true, but at TelephoneSystemsDirect we don’t mind recommending corded telephone answering machines for purchasers of very small configurations of any phone system where the benefits of a fully-blown VM would be wasted/over-kill.

At home the corded telephone answering machines are much cheaper than taking on board BT’s answering service.  These answering machines used to be purgatory to use when you had to pfaff about with mini cassette tapes.  Today’s solid state electronics means that there are no moving parts to go wrong, and far more recording time available.

corded_telephone_answering_machinesCorded_Telephone_Answering_Machin_25We’ve found that the BT Response 75 boasts many features:
Mains Supply, Message Counter and capacity full alert, Pre-recorded ‘answer-and-record or answer only’ greetings, Non-Volatile Memory: Delete selectivity, Memo facility, Skip forward / back, intercept, Wall mountable, screening, Time save, Ring selector (up to 9 rings), Remote access with security pin, 1471 function, Pause.  corded_telephone_answering_machines.pdf

This latest model is a compact but powerful answering machine and will give you all the flexibility you need to handle your various telephone messages.


At less than £30 these corded telephone answering machines take some beating.

Corded_Telephone_Answering_Machin_platContact us 0800 652 8052 where we can advise you on the numerous varieties that are on the market now.

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