corded telephone

corded_telephoneAt Telephone Systems Direct we have hundreds of corded telephone models.  These corded phones come from makers as far flung as Japan, Korea & USA such as Samsung, Panasonic, BT Geemark, MyBelle…….

corded_telephone_-_noveltyIt’s unusual for a corded telephone to have answerphone functionality –the poor man’s voice mail.  Our OfficeServ7030 entry-level phone system gives each user a choice of corded telephone as well as fully featured voicemail.  There is VoIP and Wi-Fi technology so that you can work from home while being seamlessly connected to the office through the Internet utilising existing broadband circuits.  corded_telephone.pdf

TelephoneSystemsDirect – since 1992 – provides an umbrella of telecommunications services to the UK business community such as cheaper telephone calls plus lower cost products for domestic users. Our engineers sort out problems with your corded telephone over a chat with a few simple questions – we hope you have the answers!!!!

For more information on corded telephone handsets please dial us free on 0800 652 8052.

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