cordless dect headset phone

cordless_dect_headset_phoneThe cordless_dect_headset_phone_1term “cordless dect headset phone†is a little bit vague!

Do you mean cordless headset plus dect phone, dect headset with cordless phone, or a headset capable cordless phone?

The “cordless†part of the phrase is superfluous because DECT stands for Digitally Enhanced CORDLESS Telephony.

Whatever the combination of these four words at TelephoneSystemsDirect we’ll find you a solution.

All the business phones we sell are able to have a dect headset attached such as the cordless_dect_headset_phone_3Plantronics CS60 with handset lifter unit or the cheaper C351 Voyager.


The OfficeServ7000 series utilises both corded and cordless handsets that can be fitted with wired or wireless headsets – we can offer WiFi, DECT & BlueTooth technologies to suit your particular environment and building scenario.  cordless_dect_headset_phone.pdf


0800 652 8052 connects you to an advisor where you’ll discover the cheapest cordless dect headset phone prices even though we are Platinum accredited and a holder of the SME Reseller of the Year trophy!

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